Price comparison: Timber Look Tiles Vs. the Alternatives

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Are you considering flooring options for your home? If you are, then you’ve probably taken a look at some of the luxurious flooring options available, such as wood. There’s certainly no denying that natural wooden flooring presents a unique charm that is often unmatched by other materials. Moreover, wooden flooring oozes luxury and allows you to create the space of your dreams.

The only problem with natural wooden flooring is its cost. It is expensive. And if you’re working on a smaller budget, then it is probably not an option for you. However, you’ll be glad to know that there are some affordable alternatives to the more luxurious options in the market, such as timber look tiles.

Timber look tiles are special tiles which are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural wood. And thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, these tiles offer almost all the benefits of natural timber at a much lower cost.

But what exactly is the difference in cost between timber look tiles and other alternative flooring options? Today I will answer this for you. So, continue reading this post as I compare the costs of timber look tiles with other alternative flooring options.

Timber look tiles

Timber Grigio
Timber Grigio by Ross’s Discount Home Centre

There are several types of ceramic and porcelain tiles which are specially designed to replicate the look of timber. These timber look tiles are available in a myriad of styles and designs and glazed and unglazed variants. Timber look tiles are suitable for use both as floor tiles and as wall tiles in various commercial and residential applications.

Now, the price of timber look tiles depends on the type of the tile. A glazed or vitrified ceramic timber look tile typically costs between $20-$50 per square metre. Unglazed ceramic timber look tiles are slightly cheaper compared to these. However, vitrified porcelain timber look tiles are more expensive, and they cost upwards of $50 per square metre.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer one of the biggest selections of timber look tiles in Perth. Our timber look tiles are available both as floor tiles as well as feature tiles. They’re the perfect choice for use in your kitchen walls and bathroom walls and floors.

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Structural timber flooring

wooden floor

Structural timber flooring is the traditional choice of wooden flooring that has been used for ages now. This type of flooring makes use of actual wooden boards which are laid across joists or bearers. The type of wood used in structural timber flooring varies from one region to another as the wood needs to acclimatise to local conditions. The cost of structural timber flooring varies from one type of wood to another and the grade of wood used.

The cheapest grade wood that can be used in structural timber flooring exhibits plenty of grain, knots and natural inconsistency. This costs roughly around $40 per square metre. However, this type of wood is not really suitable for use in indoor applications.

Standard grade wood used in timber flooring is generally more consistent and costs anything between $50-$75 per square metre. Expensive grade wood exhibits very few defects and costs upwards of $100 per square metre. These are suitable for flooring in residential and commercial applications, but they are much more expensive than timber look tiles.

Floating timber floors

Floating timber floors

Floating timber floors are a variant of structural timber floors that have also been used traditionally. The only difference between these and structural timber floors is that floating timber floors don’t attach to a subfloor frame. Rather, floating timber floors are laid over a solid floor generally made of concrete, tiles, cork or particle board.

Floating timber floors are easy to lay out, and they offer great noise insulation. However, laid outboards may develop gaps over time, which causes a click-clack noise when walking. This type of flooring is ideal for use as an underlying flooring in residential apartments and homes.

The cost of floating timber floors depends on the type and grade of wooden boards used. Typical prices range from $40-$100 per square metre, making them comparable to structural timber flooring. However, floating timber floors are easy to install, and you can save on professional installation costs. They are far more expensive than timber look tiles though.

Laminated faux ‘timber-look’ floors

laminate flooring

Laminated faux ‘timber-look’ floors, like our hybrid flooring range, are a modern alternative to traditional timber floors. These make use of a layer of particle board which is specially treated with a faux timber look finish. This type of flooring is commonly referred to as laminate flooring.

While many people are generally sceptical about the look and feel of laminate flooring, modern laminates have come a long way. In fact, some of the newer laminates in the market completely mimic the look of traditional wooden floors. They only offer a slightly different warmth as compared to wooden floors, but are easier to maintain. They are often used as an alternative to floating timber floors.

And, laminated floors are actually cheaper than both structural and floating timber floors. They will cost you upwards of $25 per square metre. They are comparable to most timber look tiles on the market. But, you can find timber look tiles in Perth much cheaper than laminate floors, like those we offer here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring may not be one of the most popular choices when it comes to timber flooring. It has grown in popularity rapidly over the last few years because it is much more sustainable and grows much faster than all other types of wood.

There are many reasons why bamboo makes a good flooring material. Bamboo presents a naturally durable and hardwearing surface. Also, natural bamboo is hard, sturdy and scratch resistant. However, bamboo does tend to get darker in sunlight, so it is more suitable for use in indoor flooring.

Modern-day bamboo floors are available in a range of styles and designs. However, bamboo floors are not the most affordable option in the market. Typically, you can consider the cost of bamboo floors to be upwards of $100 per square metre. Moreover, bamboo flooring needs to be installed by a professional. Therefore, you also need to account for professional installation costs of $50-$60 per square metre. This makes bamboo floors one of the most expensive timber look floor options. So unless you’re willing to splurge, you should keep away from this option.

Which type of flooring to choose

Every type of timber look flooring offers its unique set of advantages. While timber look tiles and laminates are incredibly affordable, structural timber floors, floating timber floors and bamboo floors will raise the value of your home.

In terms of looks and feel, most of these types of floors are comparable. Sure, the warmth and feel of natural wood cannot exactly be replicated by any of the alternatives. However, all of them do really well to mimic the look of natural wood to a good extent. And, many of the alternative flooring options come in different styles and designs.

Most modern-day designers and home decorators have gradually begun shifting their focus away from natural timber floors. While laminates are a popular option due to their affordability, they simply don’t compete with timber look tiles. Timber look tiles are more durable and are much more attractive than laminates, plus they are also available in more styles and designs. Timber look tiles offer all the benefits of ceramic tiles, and they can be used both in indoor and outdoor applications.

Timber look tiles are an affordable alternative to timber-look flooring. If you’re looking for the visual appeal of natural timber at a much more affordable price, timber look tiles are the best option.

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There are several options to consider when it comes to timber look flooring. While there are the natural options of structural timber floors, floating timber floors and bamboo floors, there are also alternative options of laminates and timber look tiles. Each of these alternate options closely resembles the look of natural timber.

The cost of natural timber floors is the most expensive of all types of timber look floors. Bamboo floors are the most expensive at around $150 per square metre (including professional installation costs). Structural timber floors cost between $40-$100 per square metre, depending on the grade of wood used. Floating timber floors are comparable in price to structural timber floors, but they are easier to install so you can save on installation costs.

Laminates and timber look tiles are far cheaper than natural timber options. While laminates typically cost upwards of $25 per square metre, timber look tiles range from $20-$50 per square metre.

Timber look tiles are an affordable alternative to every other type of timber look flooring. For the best timber look tiles in Perth, drop by Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Guildford or shop online today!

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