Get Summer Started with a Gourmet Alfresco BBQ

Summer barbecue

If there’s one thing common with us Aussies, its that every one of us loves getting together with mates for a barbeque. In fact, according to Roy Morgan, almost two-thirds of Australian households own a barbecue. In Perth alone, 62.8% of households have a barbeque. As such, it’s quite safe to say that we love having a good, old-fashioned barbeque during the summer months.

But what if you want to take your summer barbeque parties to the next level? Well, if you really want to do so, the best place to start is with your barbeque itself. So, do away with your old rusty barbeque that has seen better days and upgrade to an alfresco BBQ, such as one of those we offer here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Here are 4 amazing gourmet alfresco BBQs that are currently available at our store. Choose any of these and you’ll be well on your way to having better barbeque parties this summer!

BBQ 90cm Built-In

Gourmet BBQ 90cm Built-in
BBQ 90cm Built-in

Our BBQ 90cm Built-In alfresco barbeque is a fantastic choice for hosting BBQ parties this summer. This multi-function BBQ unit includes 4 big burners and offers a large cooking area, making it perfect even for large parties. Thanks to the multiple cooking functions and attachments included with this BBQ, you can have a great time cooking outdoors with your mates. And, thanks to its special sturdy design, this BBQ unit will last you several summer parties to come!

90cm BBQ + Trolley + Wok

90cm BBQ + Trolley + Wok
90cm BBQ + Trolley + Wok

If you’re looking for an alfresco BBQ in Perth which allows you to indulge in heavy duty outdoor cooking, our 90cm BBQ + Trolley + Wok is what you need. For a medium-sized unit, this BBQ includes a cast iron side wok burner and a 2-door mobile trolley. You can use this gourmet alfresco BBQ to stir fry your dishes, prepare amazing grills and steaks and cook just about anything. And, thanks to the push-button controls on this unit, you’ll find cooking to be a breeze on this BBQ unit.

BBQ 120cm Built-In

BBQ 120cm Built-in
BBQ 120cm Built-in

If you’re someone who likes entertaining a lot of people together, then a normal sized BBQ may not cut it. For such people, our BBQ 120cm Built-In gourmet barbeque unit makes for the perfect choice. This large sized BBQ includes 6 big burners, 2 cooking grills, and a large cooking area. Regardless of how large of a summer barbeque party you’re throwing, this BBQ unit will certainly fit the bill. And, with useful push buttons and a well thought out design, you’ll face absolutely no problems with outdoor cooking!

BBQ 120cm + Trolley + Wok

BBQ 120cm + Trolley + Wok
BBQ 120cm + Trolley + Wok

And finally, if you’re looking for a large gourmet barbeque with wok burners and a trolley, our BBQ 120cm + Trolley + Wok is just what you need! This gourmet BBQ unit includes 6 big burners, a side wok burner, and a stainless-steel trolley, making it highly functional. Moreover, thanks to multiple cooking functions and easy to use push buttons, you’ll sure to have much better BBQ parties. This gourmet alfresco is the ultimate companion for all summer BBQ fanatics!

And, if you’d like to protect your new alfresco BBQ, we also have a range of alfresco canopies for you to consider. Our alfresco canopies perfectly complement the BBQ units that I have mentioned above.


Australian summers and BBQ parties always go hand in hand. If you’re looking to have some great BBQ parties this summer, you should probably consider upgrading your BBQ. Thankfully, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have some fantastic BBQ units in store for you.

Of our range of gourmet barbeques in Perth, our BBQ 90cm Built-In, 90cm BBQ + Trolley + Wok, BBQ 120cm Built-In and BBQ 120cm + Trolley + Wok are excellent choices. All of these BBQ units are multi-functional units that will make outdoor cooking incredibly enjoyable. These gourmet BBQ units are also very durable and sturdy and they will last you several outdoor parties to come.

So, go ahead and shop for your new alfresco BBQ in Perth from us. Drop by our showroom in Guildford or shop from our online store today!

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