The pros and cons of microwaves


Microwaves are incredibly popular in Australia. In fact, according to Canstar Blue Research, in 2013, around 96% of all Australian households owned one or more microwaves. Moreover, over the last couple of years, 28% of all people surveyed said that they purchased a new microwave.

This certainly shows that most people think of microwaves as an essential kitchen appliance. But, if you’re one of the few who is still umming and ahhing as to whether you want to use a microwave, then this post is just for you.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve helped countless customers shop for microwaves in Perth. And today, I hope to do the same for you. Continue reading this post to discover the pros and cons of microwaves – in terms of how it affects your cooking. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll realise that there are more benefits than disadvantages and will want to purchase one too.

Pros of microwave cooking

In my experience, the main reason people purchase microwaves is due to their convenience. What other appliance lets you heat or cook your food at the press of a button – and in a matter of minutes? Microwaves cook food faster than conventional ovens and won’t make a mess in the process. Who doesn’t love scoffing down leftovers in an instant? And, for the health-conscious, microwaves allow you to relish healthier food. Steam your veggies without losing all the nutrition in boiling water.

Microwaves also ensure that you’ll never burn your food again. You don’t have to keep checking on your to make sure it’s not over or undercooked because you can set the time and temperature and leave it to do its thing.

Microwaves are also very economical and consume much less energy than both gas burners and conventional ovens, which is an added bonus for the efficiency conscious.

With all these advantages on offer, it’s certainly no wonder why I come into contact with so many customers looking for microwaves in Perth.

Cons of microwave cooking

While microwaves offer a wide range of advantages, I admit that they also do suffer from a few drawbacks. First of all, you have to be conscious and cautious of what materials and utensils you place in a microwave. A dish that is no microwave-safe will set off a chemical reaction between the food and the plastic resulting in a melted dish and uneatable food.

Another disadvantage of microwaves is that they limited capacity, and because of this, they are not the best option for large families. And although I would like to think that you can cook everything in a microwave, you cannot. Frying chips, for example, isn’t going to happen. *Insert sad face*

Finally, the last disadvantage of microwaves (which is an advantage if you get it right) is that you can overheat food leading to soft soggy food and burnt fingers and mouths.

Best microwaves in Perth

So there are the pros and cons of microwaves, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the pros outweigh the cons by far. If you’ve decided to finally get a microwave then Ross’s Discount Home Centre will make the process super easy. Simply choose one of the following models and if you live in Perth Metro, we’ll ship it to your location for free!

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There are certain advantages and disadvantages of microwave cooking. Microwaves are convenient to use, they do not burn food, they are highly economical, and they heat food faster and healthier than other methods. On the flip side, you’ll need to use microwave-safe vessels for cooking. Microwaves also have limited capacity, and they have a tendency to superheat food, which may cause body burns.

For the best microwaves in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Drop by our showroom in James St, Guildford or visit our online store to buy your first microwave oven today!

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