6 Sneaky solutions for hiding washing machines

6 Sneaky solutions for hiding washing machines

No doubt you own a washing machine and you put it to good use. But, if you’re like most Perth homeowners, you don’t want to make your washing machine a feature of your house.

Newer homes of today are built with a separate laundry to conceal their washing machine but many older homes have external laundries, and some apartments have none at all. This causes issues because according to Canstar Blue, 98% of Australian homes have washing machines. So, the question is, how do homes that don’t have laundries hide their washing machines from sight? Today we’ll look at this.

As the purchasing head at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve helped many customers tackle this very issue while shopping for washing machines in Perth. Continue reading as I share some of my tips with you.

1. Behind custom cabinets

In my experience, most people who don’t own a separate laundry room look to hide their washing machine in the kitchen (or bathroom) behind cabinets. Doing so will completely hide your washing machine from sight. For this reason, this is a particularly common solution in apartments where space is limited.

Simply install your washing machine under your benchtop and behind a closing door to conceal the unit completely.

2. Behind curtain covers

One of the easiest and by far the cheapest way to conceal a washing machine is to purchase a curtain and rod. This works well in hallways where there is a cupboard (door removed) or any nook of the house that will fit a washing machine.

Simply install a curtain rod above your washing machine and slide the curtains across to conceal it.

3. Behind sliding feature walls

Sliding feature walls are another great solution for hiding unsightly washing machines. They look great and can be creatively used to disguise your washing machine in any area of your home.

Simple install a sliding wall to conceal your washing machine and slide the doors closed to conceal it.

4. Behind sliding bookcases

This one is a little out there, but I recently came across a very creative way of concealing washing machines – behind a bookcase! All you have to do is to install a sliding bookcase in front of your washing machine and no one will ever notice it.

Simply slide the bookcase open to easily access your washing machine.

5. Under stairs

One of the more popular and effective solutions for hiding a washing machine is by placing it under stairs, if you have them of course. Most staircases have empty spaces below them which can be put to good use – and it won’t cost you a cent. It is perfect for tucking away your washing machine and you’ll successfully put it out of everyone’s view.

6. Behind bifold doors

Finally, consider installing bifold doors around your washing machine to create a separate laundry area. Bifold doors that open outwards are perfect for concealing your washing machine. You can also choose to install shelves and hooks on your door for added functionality.


If you’re looking for cleaver ways to hide your washing machine from sight, there are more than a few things you can do. You can conceal it behind your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, behind a curtain, sliding wall, sliding bookcase or bifold doors or even under stairs. Any of these great solutions will keep your washing machine hidden from everyone’s sight.

Whether you’re shopping for washing machines in Perth – or looking for products to conceal your washing machine, Ross’s Discount Home Centre can help. We have an excellent range washing machines as well as cabinetry, benchtops and doors to help with your washing machine woes. Visit our online store or some and see me and the team in our showroom today.

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