5 Bathroom Vanities Perfect for Large Families

large bathroom vanity

Have your growing family outgrown the bathroom? Unfortunately, as your family grows, your bathroom doesn’t. As a family of two becomes three, three becomes four and four becomes five, it’s easy to think your bathroom is getting smaller. It’s not.

A growing family is one of the main reasons Perth homeowners undergo renovations. But not everyone has the savings to invest back into their house. With a mortgage and the cost of providing for the family, the majority of us don’t have the luxury of being able to expand.

Thankfully, there are options. If you can’t afford or are not in the position to renovate your home or bathroom, you can at least increase the size of your bathroom vanity to cater to your growing family’s needs. And for added convenience, double vanities are very handy, allowing two family members to use the vanity at once.

Today, I will showcase five of the biggest bathroom vanities we sell here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Any of these quality vanities will add much-needed vanity space and storage to your bathroom.

Courtney PVC Vanity

Courtney PVC Vanity Unit 150cm - Side View
Courtney PVC Vanity Unit 150cm

The Courtney PVC Vanity Unit is a great bathroom vanity for large families. It offers one of the largest vanities in our range and is available in two large sizes, 120cm and 150cm  (the vanity is also available in 75cm and 90cm, so you can match in a powder room or ensuite). The 150cm variant is a popular choice for families; it offers heaps of storage space and plenty of bench space.

With four soft-closing doors and two soft-closing doors, and PVC construction, this is an ideal choice for a family home.

Brianna PVC Vanity

Brianna PVC Vanity, 1500mm Double
Brianna PVC Vanity, 1500mm Double

The Brianna PVC Vanity is an excellent vanity choice for families with younger children. It is entirely waterproof and will repel all splashes from the kid’s bathtime to offer longevity.

This durable bathroom vanity is available in six sizes, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 150cm, with a double bowl, but it’s the 120cm and the two 150cm vanities that are most popular with larger families. It also offers excellent flexibility in design choice with a two-bowl option for the 150cm option and a range of top options.

The 120cm and 150cm vanities have two soft-closing doors and four soft-closing doors – plenty of storage space for a growing family’s needs.

Tianna Vanity Unit

Tianna PVC Vanity - 1200mm
Tianna PVC Vanity – 120cm

The Tianna PVC Vanity is another reliable option for a family bathroom because not only is it affordable, but it’s also 100% waterproof! The 120cm variant features a single bowl on top four soft-closing doors, and two soft-closing doors in the vanity, which provide ample storage for a family. It is also available in 75cm and 90cm, to match in a powder room or ensuite bathroom.

It also offers flexibility in its design to suit your design style. It can be wall-hung or supported by legs, and various top options are available, including a stylish matt black top.

Astra Vanity Unit

Astra Vanity Unit 150cm
Astra Bathroom Vanity (150cm)

The Astra Vanity is another large vanity to consider for a family bathroom. Although it is available in various sizes, the 1200mm and 1500mm options are best suited for large families. The 1200mm variant features a single basin, two soft-closing doors and four soft-closing doors. The 1500mm variant features the same door/drawer configuration but dual basins for added functionality.

Asha Vanity Unit

Asha Vanity Unit - 120cm
Asha Vanity Unit (1200 mm)

Lastly is the Asha Vanity. The 1200mm variant is an excellent choice for larger families as it features the right amount of bench space and two substantial soft-closing drawers.

As a wall-hung vanity with no doors, this is the most modern vanity featured in this article. Like the vanities above, you also have top/basin design options.


If your family has outgrown the bathroom, there are affordable alternatives to a full home or bathroom renovation. One of the best ways to provide more vanity space and storage in a bathroom is by replacing a small vanity with a large vanity.

Some of the biggest bathroom vanities in Perth are found right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Consider the vanities mentioned in this article to improve your current bathroom situation.

You can view our full range of bathroom vanities in our online store.

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