Choose your Favourite 5 Vanities to L.O.V.E

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities play a huge role in every bathroom. Not only do they make a bathroom look more visually appealing, but they also offer all-important storage space.

Here’s an interesting fact about bathroom vanities – it’s been said that 2/3 of visitors will look in your vanity. So, not only do you have to keep it clean and orderly on top, but you apparently have to keep the cabinet’s contents in order too! However, if you have a small vanity this can be hard and not only that; it can also be very frustrating!

There’s nothing worse than not having enough storage space in your bathroom, and for many, the only storage offered in a bathroom is that of the vanity. This is why you’re going to love these 5 vanities available here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Not only are these vanities incredibly stylish, but they also offer ample storage. I guess that’s why they’re bestsellers at our store. Choose any of them to give your bathroom a complete makeover!

Tianna PVC Vanity

Tianna PVC Vanity - 1200mm

Tianna PVC Vanity (1200mm), from $599

Our Tianna PVC Vanity is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized bathrooms. It is a simple and elegant vanity that is also very practical and offers great value for money. It includes a china top with an integrated basin, soft closing doors and drawers and stylish chrome handles.

The Tianna PVC Vanity is manufactured using high-grade PVC board thanks to which it is completely waterproof. It is available in multiple width options to suit bathrooms of different sizes.

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Belford Vanity Unit

Belford Vanity Unit

Belford Vanity Unit, from $485 inc.GST

If you’re looking to introduce natural elements in your bathroom, our Belford Vanity Unit is just what you need! This absolutely gorgeous vanity comes in a stunning natural oak finish. It will add a modern touch to your space that won’t go unnoticed.

The Belford Vanity Unit is available in multiple size options for you to choose from. From a simple vanity to a vanity with a mirror and side cabinet, you can choose any size to suit your bathroom space.

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Brianna PVC Vanity

Brianna PVC Vanity

Brianna PVC Vanity (1200mm), from $499

For a modern and completely waterproof vanity, you won’t find anything better than our Brianna PVC Vanity. Available in a range of size options, this vanity presents a neat and sophisticated look which you’re sure to love.

The Brianna PVC Vanity comes with an integrated basin, soft closing doors and drawers and a slimline profile. It offers exceptional value for money and comes as a fully assembled product.

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Michelle Vanity Unit

Michelle Vanity Unit - 90cm

Michelle Vanity Unit – 90cm, $699

If there was one bathroom trend of 2017 that’s continuing in 2018, it’s the use of matte black fittings and accessories. You can even take things further by choosing our incredibly attractive Michelle Vanity Unit. Available in a stylish matte black finish, this vanity looks stunning and will become the focus of all attention.

The Michelle Vanity Unit is ideal for medium to large size bathrooms, and it can be installed as a wall mount installation. It also includes an integrated basin and soft closing drawers and doors with ample storage space.

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Asha Vanity Unit

Asha Vanity Unit - 120cm

Asha Vanity Unit (1200mm), from $475

For a sleek and contemporary bathroom vanity, consider our Asha Vanity Unit. Available in a minimalist and elegant design, this wall hung vanity is suitable for bathrooms of all sizes.

The Asha Vanity Unit comes in three width options and includes an integrated bowl with soft closing drawers. The finish is also specially coated for extra durability.

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When it comes to choosing bathroom vanities, you’re sure to find one that you’ll LOVE right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We stock one of the largest selections of bathroom vanities in Perth, all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Of our collection of vanities, I recommend you to consider our Tianna PVC Vanity, Belford Vanity Unit, Brianna PVC Vanity, Michelle Vanity Unit and Asha Vanity Unit. These vanities all offer exceptional value for money, and you won’t go wrong in choosing any of them.

To purchase a vanity in Perth today, simply visit our online store. Alternatively, you can also drop by our showroom in Guildford to see these five vanities in person.