Choosing a Bath – a Look at Baths Types

Freestanding Bath

The only thing that I ever really didn’t like about my house was the fact that there was no bath – It was the reason why I renovated my bathroom. Lucky for me, I work here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, so when it came time to shop for a new shower, vanity, basin, toilet, and of course, bath, I had no trouble knowing what to look for to find the perfect product to complement my design and meet my needs.

But not everyone has the knowledge that I do about bathroom products, and the bath especially can be deceiving. It appears to be a pretty simple product that you might think shop for would be easy. However, today, there are so many types, and styles of baths that choosing the right one for you is harder than it has ever been before.

The very first thing to take into consideration when shopping for a bath is the type. There are many types of baths available, and today, we take a look at the most popular.

Insert Bath

Pavillion Bath

Insert baths are the most common and traditional form of a bath, which you probably have in your house right now. Also called ‘drop-in baths’, they are designed to be installed into a cavity or boxed into a tiled hob.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stocks a budget-friendly insert bath, starting at just $280. As you can see, they are very affordable, which makes them popular and great for a budget renovation. However, if you’re looking to create a contemporary of luxurious bathroom, they won’t cut the mustard.

Freestanding Bath

Galaxy Oval Free Standing Bath
Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath is $1,050 – $1,100 inc.GST

Today, without a doubt, freestanding baths are the most desired type of bath in Perth. As the name implies, they are freestanding and don’t require any additional support for installation. Because of this, they can be positioned anywhere in the room – it also allows them to take centre stage and become a real design feature.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stocks a large choice of freestanding baths ranging in price from $995.00. They will set you back a lot more than an insert bath, but they are a real investment and one that you won’t regret.

Back to Wall Bath

Rio Black & White Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath

Somewhere in between an insert bath and a freestanding bath are ‘back to wall’ baths. Certainly closer to a freestanding bath than an insert bath, back to wall baths are freestanding in design but are designed to be installed against a wall and are great for bathrooms that want to have a more luxurious look, but don’t have space for a freestanding bath.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stock several ‘back to wall baths’ which range in price from $995.00.
Read our posts, ‘Benefits of Back to Wall Baths Over Freestanding Baths’, to see if a back to wall bath is right for you.

Corner Baths


Experience elegance even in compact spaces with the Madrid Back to the Wall Corner Bath, your ideal choice for smaller bathrooms, priced at a mere $1,440 inc GST. This uniquely designed, luxurious corner bath delivers all the premium features without necessitating an insert bath. Enjoy the same stellar features and benefits as a back-to-wall bath, ensuring no compromise on style despite spatial limitations.

Clawfoot Baths

Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath

As one of the earliest baths ever designed, the Clawfoot bath was for those in the late 19th century what freestanding baths are for us today: a luxury item. Clawfoot baths are freestanding baths that sit upon clawed feet. Today, we make them from lightweight acrylic rather than traditional cast iron. The superfluity of Clawfoot baths has never died down, and they continue to be a product that signified luxury, high society and charm in bathrooms today.

Spa Baths

A popular type of bath in the 1990s, spa baths feature whirlpool jets that draw in water and force it back out to create effervescence in the water. The design of these baths has come a long way over the last couple of decades and is a great choice for those looking to create a spa-like retreat.


Shopping for a new bath is much more complicated than you’d imagine because of the wide range of styles available. There are so many types of baths in so many designs and styles that narrowing down the perfect bath is no easy task. The most important step is choosing the right type of bath for your bathroom, as this will determine, in most cases, where and how you install it.

The most popular types of baths in Perth (and here at Ross’s Discount Home Center) include insert baths, freestanding baths, back to wall baths, clawfoot baths and spa baths.

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