How to Design a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

kid in bathroom

While it may be tempting to design the contemporary bathroom of your dreams, it’s always important to consider practicality and functionality in bathroom design.

If you have a growing family, designing a bathroom on par with those shown on TV series like “The Block” probably isn’t the best move. Granted, it will look fantastic, but you will soon find it is not practical for your needs.

So, how do you design a bathroom that is ideal for your family? Easy, you create a kid-friendly bathroom. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design over practicality and functionality; you just have to find a happy medium.

Today, I’ll give you tips on designing a kid-friendly bathroom that still looks great.

Include a bath

bathroom with bath

A bath is essential for families with young children. Whether you have a big bathroom or a small bathroom, you will be able to find a bath to fit your space. You can take your pick for larger bathrooms, but a rounded bath will be better for children than a square-set bath. For small bathrooms, consider a traditional inset bath or a bath/shower combo.

Handy hint: if you opt for a combined shower/bath, consider adding a bath screen, such as those in our range, to minimise splashing.

Choose a waterproof vanity

Inevitably, kids in a bath will splash a lot of water around the bathroom. To get more life out of your vanity, opt for a waterproof vanity, such as the Courtney PVC vanity, Tianna PVC vanity or the Brianna PVC Vanity, which are all available in a range of sizes exclusively from Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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Install the vanity at a lower height

bathroom vanity

A bathroom needs to be functional for all members of the family. By lowering the vanity to an accessible height, children will be able to reach the tap to wash their hands, brush their teeth etc.

Handy hint: installing the mirror at a lower height is also a good idea.

Include enough storage

bathroom storage

The biggest pitfall of a failed bathroom design is always a lack of room for storage. You can never have too much storage in a family bathroom!

Choose a vanity that offers ample storage for the family (check out 5 Bathroom Vanities Perfect for Large Families).

Handy hint, if room permits, consider including a tall boy, such as our Charlie Tall Boy to store towels.

Install a double towel rail

towel rail

A single towel rail isn’t going to cut it for a family. Including a double towel rail such as the Square 900mm Double Towel Rail, or larger, the Square Towel Shelf And Rail, will provide much-needed functionality.

Handy hint, if you don’t have space to hang a towel rail, add robe hooks like our Square Robe Hook to the back of the bathroom door.

Choose non-slip tiles

Monalto Light Grey is an example of a tile that is available in a matte option

With today’s tile selection, you can get just about any tile in a matte finish. Choosing a matte finish over a polished finish will create a non-slip surface, which is much safer for children.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a wide range of matte ceramic tiles, which are ideal for bathrooms. The Monalto range is one of our most popular.

Make it a fun place

fun bathroom

Lastly, make your bathroom a fun place!! Consider adding splashes of colour from your tile selection so your kids enjoy bath time.

Handy hint: adding a row of feature tiles or mosaics is a great way to add colour to a bathroom.


Designing a new bathroom is a fun project to take on. However, you must not get carried away and choose design over practicality and functionality. If you have a growing family, your bathroom needs to marry design with practicality and functionality.

This is easily done by choosing a waterproof vanity and installing it at a lower height, choosing non-slip tiles with a splash of colour, including a bath and a double towel rail and ensuring you have enough storage for towels and your bathroom products.

If you’re ready to shop for bathroom products in Perth, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you covered. We have everything you need to create a stylish and contemporary bathroom that is also kid-friendly. Click here to see our bathroom range.

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