The Ultimate Guide to Black Bathrooms

black bathrooms

With all that’s been happening around the world over the last 18 months, having a bathroom renovation or building a home will likely be a welcome distraction. Indeed, any home improvement is exciting, but a new bathroom can make a home much more luxurious and add thousands to a home’s value.

One of the hottest bathroom design trends to emerge over the last few years is a black bathroom. Popular home renovation television shows like The Block have featured stunning black bathrooms, as have popular home design and style magazines like Homes & Gardens. This mainstream focus has only made black bathrooms all the more popular, which is why their popularity has reached an all-time high.

The great news is you can create a stunning black bathroom, just as lavish as those featured on The Block and Homes & Gardens, without the top-end price tag. How? By being savvy with where you source your products.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is well known for its wide range of bathroom products and accessories at affordable prices. But did you know we also stock a vast range of black products ideal for pulling off the black bathroom trend on a budget?

Black Bathroom Style

So, you want to jump on the black bathroom-style bus? I think it’s an excellent design choice. Nothing’s more calming, relaxing, or sexy than the dark stylistic choices of a black bathroom. And, also, imo, there’s no too little or too much black.

Pulling off a successful black bathroom is easy, providing you apply the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. There are a few ways to go about it: all-black, monochromatic, and shades of charcoal/grey/black, or black and white. The only fundamental rule you must follow is not to go overboard with patterns or other colours.

When it comes to the black bathroom style trend, the more simplistic the design, the better. A quick Google search of “black bathroom design ideas” will produce many gorgeous images to draw inspiration. You will notice the one common denominator among all is simplicity. If a pattern exists, it exists in one place, usually either the floor tiles or the wall tiles, never any more than one pattern used in one area. Stone is another common feature of black bathrooms, whether in stone-look tiles or a stone vanity top. You will also notice that of the black bathrooms with some form of contrast, white is generally the only colour used to create that contrast. Most black bathrooms stick to a single colour palette or a monochromatic palette.

To create your own black bathroom, whether you go all-black, monochromatic, or black and white, black bathroom products are necessary. Obviously, all-black bathrooms are best to have all-black products. However, monochromatic black bathrooms may only have 80% black bathroom products, while black and white bathrooms may have 50% black bathroom products. There is no set range; it’s a matter of visualising the products in the space you’re creating and settling on the right balance.

You can start designing your black bathroom by reviewing the black bathroom products in Perth, available here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Please continue reading to discover your options and how to incorporate them in your black bathroom best.

Black Bathroom Tiles

One of the most effective products to create a black bathroom is black bathroom tiles. For all-black bathrooms, black bathroom tiles – or charcoal tiles – are a must. There’s a vast selection of black tiles on the market, and indeed, here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. However, the most popular back tiles, those that are trending in black bathrooms, seem to be either black or dark grey stone-look tiles or black-shaped/mosaic tiles, such as hexagon, penny (round), finger (long and thin), fish scale, and subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern.

As mentioned earlier, if a black bathroom features a pattern, it’s generally within the tiles, either wall tiles or floor tiles, never both. Popular pattern choices include geometrical patterns, textured patterns, and heritage deco designs.

Stone-Look Black Bathroom Tiles

There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to stone-look black bathroom tiles. Our range of tiles offers many great porcelain tiles that will help you design a stunning black bathroom tile. At the top of our list are Shell Antracita, Paradigm Graphite, and Kross Charcoal.

Shaped (Mosaic) Black Bathroom Tiles

If you’re looking to add a little flair to your black bathroom by using shaped tiles as a feature wall, then there are also many options at hand. You have Finger Mosaic Black in our range, which is available in Matte and Gloss finish, along with Tuscany Nero Marquina Hexagon, Tuscany Nero Marquina Fish Scale, and Tuscany Nero Marquina Penny Round, to name a few.

Patterned Black Bathroom Tiles

To add contrast to your black bathroom, consider adding a black patterned tile into the mix. We have a great range of black bathroom tiles in geometrical patterns, textured patterns, and heritage deco designs.  Some of the most popular tiles include Luxello Black, Susan Black, and Richmond Church.

The tiles mentioned above are only a small sample of the black bathroom tiles in our tile range. To see the full range of tiles, please visit the Tiles category of our online store.

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Black Bathroom Tapware

What’s a black bathroom without black tapware?! Regardless of whether you’re going all-black, monochromatic, or black and white with your bathroom design, black bathroom tapware is a must! You simply won’t pull off the black bathroom style trend if you go and add chrome, gold, or any other tapware colour to your bathroom.

The key to selecting black bathroom tapware is the same as choosing any tapware; choose one range and stick to it. Each tapware item should match, so find a range you like; it may be round or square in style, and select every item from that range.

Matte black bathroom tapware is in abundance now. You can find a range featuring every bathroom fitting you need to complete your black tapware requirements. Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a huge range of black tapware to help you with your task. We have black basin mixers, black wall spouts, black wall mixer sets, black bath spouts, black freestanding bath spouts, black shower sets, shower heads and shower arms, and black wall mixers and turn assemblies.

Whatever type of tapware you fancy; wall-mounted or vanity-mounted mixers, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower heads, you name it; we’ve got it.

Black Basin Mixer Taps

Black bathroom mixers are a modern and convenient option for bathroom vanities and basins, and they come in a range of styles and designs. In addition, there are compact basin mixers, such as the Sky Black Basin Mixer, Bianca Basin Mixer Matte Black, Cube Black Basin Mixer, and tall basin mixers, like the Bianca Tall Basin Mixer Matte Black and Sky Black Hi-Rise Basin Mixer.

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Black Wall Spouts & Mixer Sets

Wall spouts are no longer only reserved for the tub. For something different, something more contemporary, opt for a black wall spot over a black basin mixer for your vanity. Wall spout sets or spouts paired with a mixer or turn assembles are growing in popularity and help to elevate a black bathroom to a superior level.

Wall spouts and wall mixer sets are versatile and ideal over a vanity basin and bath. They can also be used in other rooms. There’s no shortage of options to choose between either. For example, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have an array of wall spouts, swivel wall spouts, and wall spout sets, including the Bianca Wall Mixer Set Matte Black, Sky Black Wall Spout, and the  Fiona Swivel Wall Spout Black, which are three of our most popular options.

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Black Freestanding Bath Spouts

While a black bath spout or black wall spout set is a typical bath tapware choice, a black freestanding bath adds another layer of luxury, becoming a statement piece of any black bathroom.

Freestanding bath spouts are suitable for freestanding baths positioned anywhere in a room, but they’re particularly useful for baths positioned away from a wall. There are many options to consider here also. You have simple freestanding spouts such as the Fiona Black Freestanding Bath Spout and the Black Cube Freestanding Spout, which require a mixer and are, therefore, suited for baths against a well. You also have freestanding bath spouts with built-in mixers, like the Fiona Black Freestanding Bath Mixer, which can be positioned anywhere in a room, away from a wall.

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Black Twin Shower Sets

Twin shower sets have become the preferred choice over traditional shower heads and mixers, so adding a black shower set in a black bathroom just makes sense. The versatility and functionality of shower sets make for a better shower experience. With a rainfall showerhead and a hand shower,  you get the best of both worlds.

Popular black shower sets here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre include the Celia/Bianca Twin Shower Round Matte Black,  Celia/Bianca Twin Shower Square Matte Black, and the economical Fiona Twin Shower Black.

Black Shower Heads & Shower Arms

The one case where showerheads and showers are still prevalent is in large walk-in shower enclosures his and her’s showers. Opulent and grand, dual showers look fantastic in any bathroom design, and this trend will undoubtedly surpass this year.

To create his and her’s showers in your black bathroom design, you will need shower heads, shower arms and control functions, either wall mixers or turn assemblies (see below). The shower head can be wall-mounted or, for a more luxurious look, ceiling-mounted.

Possible options include the Black Fiona Slim S/S Shower Head paired with the Fiona Black Hi-Rise Shower Arm or the Cube Black Brass Shower Head paired with the Cube Black Hi-Rise Shower Arm if you’re going with square tapware.

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Black Wall Mixers

Wall mixers are so popular today that, more than likely, you will end up using at least one in your black bathroom. As mentioned above, they can be used with black wall spouts, freestanding bath spouts, and shower heads. Thus, they are somewhat of an essential tapware item for modern bathrooms, black bathrooms included.

There are many options to consider, including the Bianca Wall Mixer Matte Black, Sky Black Wall Mixer, and Cube Black Wall Mixer. Wall mixers with diverters are also available for showers in the three preceding ranges.

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Black Wall Turn Assemblies

As an alternative to wall mixers, although not as popular, turn assemblies are an option. Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers the Cube Black 1/4 Turn Wall Assemblies and the Fiona Black 1/4 Turn Wall Assemblies. These turn assemblies are much more modern than traditional turn assemblies and will look just as elegant as a mixer in any black bathroom setting.

Black Bathroom Products

Just as important as your tile choice and tapware choice, if not more important, is your product selection. For a black bathroom, you need black products! And these you will find at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

As mentioned, you can go all-black and choose to have a black mirror, vanity, vanity top, basin, toilet, bath, and shower screen, or you can opt for a monochromatic or black-and-white palette, and you black products more sparingly. However, my recommendation is to go hard; go all-black! Choosing black products for a black bathroom will complete the style you’re trying to achieve.

Black Bathroom Mirrors

Complement your black tiles with a black framed mirror that won’t distract one’s eyes from the beauty of your feature elements. Black bathroom mirrors are growing in popularity, especially round and oval mirrors, which are the trend.

You will find a fine selection of black bathroom mirrors here at Ross’s Discount Centre, including the Brooklyn Round Mirror, Natasha Round Hanging Mirror and the Como Oval Mirror.

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Black Bathroom Vanities

Set the mood in your black bathroom with a black vanity; there simply is no better vanity choice for a black bathroom. Ross’s Discount Centre stocks the Michelle Vanity Unit, which, with a white top, is perfect for black and white bathrooms. However, you can upgrade this vanity to feature a stunning matte black vanity top for a small additional sum of $80.

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Black Bathroom Basins

A black bathroom basin is a perfect choice for custom bathroom vanities and a must-have for an all-black bathroom. We have a range of above-counter basins in black to meet your black bathroom style needs. For your black bathroom, consider the Naples Vessel Matt Black, Cassino Vessel Matt Black, or the Tivoli Vessel Matte Black.

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Black Toilets

You absolutely cannot master a black bathroom without a black toilet! Create a statement with a grand and luxurious black toilet. You’ll have no trouble finding a black toilet in Perth at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have two stunning toilets for you to consider; the Black Cube Wall Faced Toilet Suite and the Black Cube Curved Wall Faced Toilet Suite.

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Black Baths

Just as important as it is to have a black toilet in a black bathroom is to have a black bath. Including a black bath in your black bathroom will ensure balance remains in your black bathroom. We have a couple of lavish black baths to choose between; the Morocco Back To The Wall Black & White Bath and the Rio Black & White Back To The Wall Freestanding Bath. Both baths look stunning paired with a black freestanding bath mixer or wall spout and mixer.

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Black Shower Screens

Of course, you could opt for a simple glass panel that won’t distract from your black theme, but why stop at your shower screen when you can get black shower screens, too? Including a black shower screen in your black bathroom adds an extra level of detail that won’t go unnoticed.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers the opulent Black Cannes shower screen, which will be a welcome addition to your black bathroom design.

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Black Bathroom Wastes

Of course, a black bath or a black basin needs a black bathroom waste, and thankfully, these are very easy to come by. We have a couple of options in our own selection for you to consider: the 32mm Pop-Up Waste With Overflow Matte Black and the 32mm Pop-Up Waste No Overflow Matte Black.

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Black Bathroom Accessories

The final step in creating a black bathroom is to finish it off with functional and stylish bathroom accessories; think of these as the star that sits on top of a Christmas tree; you add them last, and they make all the difference!

There’s no shortage of black bathroom accessories. In our bathroom accessories range alone, you’ll find robe hooks, toilet paper holders, towel rails, towel rings, towel shelves, and shower shelves, all in stylish matt black finish.

While not all accessories are must-haves, accessories like toilet paper holders and towel rails are standard accessories for any bathroom.

As a minimum, consider the following accessories for your black bathroom: the Black Square 90cm Double Towel Rail and Black Square Series 2 Toilet Roll Holder or the Black Round 900mm Double Towel Rail and Black Round Toilet Paper Holder.

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With black bathrooms only growing in popularity, there’s no shortage of products to help you create a stunning black bathroon. Pulling off the black bathroom design style is easy, provided you follow a few simple rules.

Keep it simple. Black bathrooms are generally very simplistic in design. Seldom do they feature any glaring patterns, and colours are kept to an absolute minimum. If colour is used, it’s monochromatic, meaning shades of black/charcoal/grey or white, to offer contrast.

Stone look tiles are a common style trend amongst black bathrooms, as too are shaped mosaics such as hexagons, penny (round), kit kat (long and thin), fish scales, and subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. If a pattern is used in a black bathroom, it’s generally used in the tiles but often kept to geometrical patterns, textured patterns, and heritage deco designs.

Black tapware is a must for black bathrooms, and there are many options to choose between. It’s also not uncommon to see all-black products in a black bathroom. Consider a black frame mirror, black vanity and vanity top, black basin, black toilet, black bath, and black shower screens, and complete the look with black waste and bathroom accessories.

Finding all the products needed to create a stunning black bathroom in Perth is easy, thanks to Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Through our online store or Guildford showroom, you will find all the products mentioned in this article and many more, all at the lowest prices in town.

With Ross’s Discount Home Centre, every day’s a discount day!

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