Fluted Glass Shower Panel Black Stainless Steel

$660.00$720.00 inc.GST

Let the beauty of your bathroom décor shine through with the pared-down luxury of our simple fluted glass shower panel.

Pure view, Low-Iron Glass

Manufactured with 304 Stainless Steel trim

allclear coating



Looking for a sleek and elegant shower screen that will make a statement in your bathroom? Look no further than the Fluted Glass Shower Panel in Black Stainless Steel. This luxurious shower screen features a simple, minimalist design that is sure to become the focal point of any bathroom.

The Fluted glass panels are available in sizes of 700x2000mm, 800x2000mm, 900x2000mm and 1000x2000mm to suit the requirements of different bathrooms.

The brilliant finish and sleek design of this fluted glass panel will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

This beautiful shower panel is available in black stainless steel trim and is fully reversible for even more design options. It’s also incredibly versatile, allowing you to create different types of shower enclosures, including corner, alcove, recess, walk-in, or flat wall enclosures. Plus, it can be used to enclose a wet room or shower tray.

This magnificent shower panel, which stands 2m tall, is made from tough 8mm glass panels that have been treated with AllClear coating. This ensures that the shower screen is super easy to clean – perfect for busy families! The black stainless steel frame is both stylish and durable, and the tempered glass panel is easy to clean and maintain.

Manufactured by Alpine Bathrooms, a company renowned for its quality products, the Fluted Glass Shower Panel in Black Stainless Steel comes with an impressive guarantee. Rest assured, it is built to last and will provide years of trouble-free use.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish design element or simply want to add a little extra privacy to your bathroom, the Fluted Glass Shower Panel is the perfect choice. Order yours today!

Read ‘The Ultimate Shower Screen Buying Guide‘ for help choosing your shower screen.



  • Frameless & semi-frameless
  • 8mm glass Pure-view glass
  • Silver finish
  • 2m high
  • Fully reversible
  • Wet room or tray
  • AllClear as standard


  • Corner Shower Enclosures
  • Alcove Shower Enclosures
  • Recess Shower Enclosures
  • Walk-in Shower Enclosures
  • Flat Wall Shower Enclosures

Don’t forget to purchase new shower tapware and a floor waste to go with your new shower!

Shower Screen Adjustment Sizes

Fluted Glass Shower Panel Matte Black Stainless Steel


Standard Size (mm) Adjustment (mm) Height


700 660-675


HWCWIF080BS 800 760-775


HWCWIF090BS 900 860-875


HWCWIF100BS 1000 960-975


HWCWIF120BS 1200 1160-1175


AllClear Advanced Technology

We believe your shower time should be lavished on you, not be spent cleaning and scrubbing the enclosure. It’s why our AllClear stay-clean coating is standard on both sides of the glass on every product in our Classic and Coastline Collections.

What does it do?

AllClear’s advanced technology effectively cleans your shower for you, repelling water, lime scale and soap scum so a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep that ‘as new’ sparkle, and it’s kinder to the environment too.

In a side-by-side test you can clearly see the difference between normal glass (right) and glass with our AllClear coating.


Free to enjoy

Some manufacturers charge in excess of $100 to apply similar coatings as an optional extra. Our Classic and Coastline Collections give you the extra benefits of AllClear protection on both sides of the glass at no extra cost. AllClear is guaranteed to outperform untreated glass for 3 years so you’re free to enjoy every refreshing minute of showering.

How does it work?

Look into a microscope and you would see that standard glass actually has a pitted surface to which water, lime scale and soap scum can cling, building up with every shower and requiring regular scrubbing to keep your enclosure clean and hygienic.

Inspired by nature, the AllClear coating forms an invisible, microscopically smooth shield to prevent this build up of grime.

AllClear’s hydrophobic properties cause water to run off freely, washing away residue and dirt as it goes.

It’s an amazing effect which has to be seen to be believed – one reason why we’ve produced a video demonstration so you can see the AllClear magic for yourself.

Good for you, better for the environment

AllClear is truly eco-friendly. Water sheets off the coated glass, washing away soap scum and grime as it goes, so it’s more hygienic and with less bacteria, there’s less need for harsh chemical cleaners – which is kind to the environment and to your pocket.

Clearly better

AllClear not only means superior performance, it’s a superior product in its own right, proven to outperform other coatings on the market.

Glass coated with AllClear also has greatly enhanced the impact and abrasion resistance and 20% more brilliance.


PureVue HD

Brilliantly new. Clearly you

The revolutionary introduction of PureVueHD glass at no extra cost, on every single product in our Cannes  Collections, brings a clear edge to your bathroom.

PureVueHD is a high quality, optically superior ‘low-iron’ glass.

In standard glass, its iron-oxide content shows itself as a green tinge that’s most apparent when you view the edge of the glass, but which also affects and tints everything seen through it.

PureVueHD, by comparison, is dramatically clearer. The reduced iron content reduces the greenish hue to zero levels. Practically tint free, it enables the natural beauty of anything seen through the glass to shine through.

For the first time, it brings to your bathroom the natural colours, sharpness and enhanced clarity that high definition TV brings to your living room.

Clearly superior

Very high transmission levels enable as much light as possible to pass through, making everything lighter and brighter.

From your carefully chosen bathroom tiling and décor to fittings and accessories, you will see a purer vision of everything but the glass, which almost disappears. And the thicker the glass, the stronger the greening effect of iron-oxide becomes, so the greater the difference PureVueHD can make.

Combined with our advanced AllClear coating it gives every Lakes enclosure, walk-in and bath screen a very clear edge*.

PureVueHD glass

Low Iron

Standard float or green glass

Standard Float

Nice PureVue

Superior as standard

You might expect such a dramatic advance to cost more and typically low-iron glass can cost up to 50% more than standard glass.

However, by being true to our promise to offer every customer of Lakes ‘superior as standard’, and by integrating PureVueHD across the range in our own high-efficiency production facility, we are able to bring you additional clarity without any additional cost.

Exceptionally clear and exceptional value – see your bathroom in its true colours with PureVueHD, exclusively from Lakes Bathrooms.


Screens, Doors and Panels 5 Years Repair, Replacement parts or complete product
SMC Shower Bases 5 Years Repair, Replacement parts or complete product
Lakes Bathroom Products Life Time Life Time replacement parts or complete product. This does not include any parts that are subject to wear and tear such as wheels and rubber.
Screen Installation Please use an experienced installer. Screens that are not installed by a professional will not be replaced.


Installation Instructions

Download a Copy of the Installation Instructions


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