10 Reasons to Choose Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

pre-assembled kitchen

If you know anything about Ross’s Discount Home Centre, then you’ll know we are known for our pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. However, if you’re new to renovating or building your first home, then you probably don’t know much about us or our pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. For those that fall into the latter category, this article is especially for you.

Building or renovating a kitchen is an exciting time for any homeowner. But getting to this stage can be stressful and very time-consuming. With so many kitchen companies in Perth, all offering something different, choosing a kitchen can be just as stressful the build itself. However, it needn’t be – not if you decide to go with pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, such as ours.

Continue reading as I explain why pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are the best choice for your new kitchen.

Benefits of pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

  • They are affordable: compared to custom made kitchen cabinets, pre-assembled cabinets are much more affordable. For example, a custom kitchen may set you back $15,000, where you can get the same kitchen made with pre-assembled cabinets for around $8,000.
  • They are attractive and stylish: pre-assembled kitchen cabinets have come a long way. Today, they are very modern and offer excellent design flexibility.
  • You don’t have to assemble them: then there’s the fact that they are already assembled, so you don’t have to do it. This can save you days, and not to mention a lot of stress!!
  • They are solid and durable: and, because they are factory assembled by experience cabinetmakers, their construction is top quality.
  • They are easy to install: pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are so easy to install that anyone can do it. You only need simple tools like a screw gun and a hammer to fix them into place, and your new kitchen is complete. There is no need to hire a carpenter, so you can enjoy further savings.

Benefits of Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

  • They are made from HMR board: our cabinets feature top-quality manufacturing from the best materials. All cabinets are made from Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) board. The doors are made from MDF board to produce stylish rounded edges.
  • They are double-coated with a 2 pack epoxy: each surface is sanded, primed and then coated with two topcoats of white 2 pack epoxy to produce a high-gloss finish.
  • They are modern in design: the cabinets are simplistic and minimalist in design to suit a wide range of contemporary design styles, and because they are all white, they also complement an array of colour palettes.
  • They feature soft closing doors and drawers: a modern feature not overlooked in our cabinets is the soft-closing mechanism. This is featured on all doors hinges and drawers for a better-finished product.
  • They are in-stock and ready to ship: there is no waiting around! We have everything in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. Order your kitchen today and expect to have in a matter of days, not weeks or even months!


Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for anyone building or renovating their kitchen they are affordable, attractive and stylish, already assembled, solid and durable and very easy to install. Moreover, if you choose Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s cabinets, you get the added benefit in knowing that they are made from top quality materials and finishes, are modern in design, feature soft-closing mechanisms and are ready for immediate shipment.

For the best quality kitchen cabinets in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have every type of kitchen cabinet in our range, including wall cabinets, base cabinets, and pantries. With Ross’s, you can design the kitchen of your dreams, efficiently and affordably.

Start designing your kitchen layout today by using our 3D Kitchen Planner.

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