5 Silestone benchtops that will give you all the feels

Silestone benchtops

If there’s one easy and effective way of giving your kitchen a makeover, it’s by updating your benchtop. In fact, the latest Houzz Kitchen Tends survey results reveal that a whopping 94% of Aussies update their benchtops as part of their renovation.

Whether you’re looking to give your existing kitchen a facelift or you’re designing a new kitchen for a complete kitchen renovation, no other benchtop will give you the feels that a Silestone benchtop will. Seriously, a Silestone benchtop, you’ll completely transform your kitchen space.

Why? you ask. Well, Silestone is a highly durable compound, which is made of 93% quartz. It is non-porous, stain-resistant and resistant to impact and scratching. And, of course, it is available in a range of designs, texture and finish options that will turn any standard kitchen into a luxury kitchen – straight from the pages of Home Beautiful magazine.

Silestone benchtops in Perth are quickly becoming the preferred choice with our customers, and I bet it won’t be long before they’re your preferred choice too. But, before you start looking at Silestone benchtops in Perth, read this post. Today, I’ll showcase some of our bestselling Silestone benchtops to make your choice all the easier.

1. Stellar Blanco

stellar blanco stone benchtop


The Stellar Blanco Silestone benchtop is certainly gorgeous and highly functional. It sports a classic white quartz finish with unique patterns and it offers great visual appeal. This stone benchtop has a rustic, yet smooth finish and is perfect for kitchens of all sizes.

2. Stellar Negro

Stellar Negro stone benchtop

If you’re looking for a dark coloured stone benchtop, you’ll find nothing better than the Stellar Negro Silestone benchtop. This is a very elegant benchtop that features a natural black stone finish. It is ideal for use in larger kitchens and it will do well to complement your splashback, accessories and fittings.

3. Lyra

Lyra stone benchtop

Our Lyra Silestone benchtop is perfect for those looking for natural stone benchtops. It comes in a classic white finish with wavy patterns and resembles the look of natural stone. This benchtop is easy to clean and maintain and is designed to offer you many years of service.

4. Gris Expo

gris expo stone benchtop

The Gris Expo Silestone benchtop makes for an excellent addition to any kitchen design. It is highly versatile and features a natural stone finish in grey. Whether you need a benchtop for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom the Gris Expo is a fantastic choice.

5. Classic Calacatta

Classic Calacatta stone benchtop

For a gorgeous benchtop that perfectly complements your kitchen décor, choose our Classic Calacatta Silestone benchtop. Mimicking the look of natural calacatta, this patterned benchtop is highly resistant to scratching and is built to last.

Do note that we do not advertise a fixed price for Silestone benchtops in Perth. This is because every benchtop is different and made to order. To get a price for your benchtop, simply get in touch with us with your measurements or visit our showroom. We’ll show you samples of our stock and offer you a quote for your benchtop.


Benchtops are replaced in just about all kitchen renovations. If you’re looking to replace your benchtop then make the executive decision to invest in a Silestone benchtop. Silestone benchtops are made from quartz and they feature unique characteristics that will transform your kitchen into something straight out of a magazine.

To purchase Silestone benchtops in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a huge range of benchtops in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. However, in terms of our most popular benchtops, consider purchasing the Stellar Blanco, Stellar Negro, Lyra, Gris Expo, and Classic Calacatta benchtop from our Silestone range.

So don’t delay! Buy your Silestone benchtop from Ross’s Discount Home Centre and relish in our cheap prices, free Metro delivery and money-back guarantee.

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