How To Design A Modern Kitchen In 2020

modern kitchen 2020

In Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation in 2018 and 2019, the kitchen was the most renovated interior room in 2016, 2017, and 2018, with 26%, 26%, and 25% of survey participants, respectively, renovating this room. Given these figures, it’s a safe bet that the kitchen will be the most renovated interior room in 2020.

But how do you design a modern kitchen in 2020? What is ‘modern,’ anyway? Well, this is something that I want to know because I will be renovating my kitchen, along with the rest of my house, this year. And, given the considerable sum of money I will be investing back into my home, I want to make sure it’s well spent – and without design regrets!

In addition to my interests, as the head of product purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I want to ensure that we have the most modern kitchen products available to our customers. So,  I researched and have done all the work for you!

Continue reading this article to discover how to design a modern kitchen in 2020 – I will share with you what to consider, what to include, and what products you can use to help with your kitchen design.

What to Consider

Designing a modern kitchen is more than just creating a kitchen that has a modern design style. There are other elements to consider, such as the layout, functionality and storage.

Open-Plan Kitchen

The first thing that makes a kitchen modern, in my opinion, is an open-plan layout, and this is the first thing I will change with my new kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of a home; therefore, it shouldn’t be hidden away in a room. It should be the centre of a home, a space that brings people together.

A Functional Layout

In addition to designing an open-plan kitchen, you must ensure a functional layout. I’ve talked about the work triangle before, and getting this right is vital. Your kitchen needs to work for you. But it also needs to be inviting and provide plenty of storage, so keep these things in mind.

A Butler’s Pantry

If you have space, a sure way to design a modern kitchen is to include a butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry will allow you to keep all your appliances and pantry items hidden away to leave your kitchen looking clean, free from clutter and very minimalistic, which is very much in-trend with today’s kitchen design trends.

Modern Style

A modern kitchen isn’t modern if the design is old-fashioned. While there is a design style classed as “modern”, really, any design style that is trending is seen as modern. And currently, there are many. You can view the latest kitchen design trends here; they really haven’t changed in the last six months.

You certainly cannot go wrong choosing a modern or contemporary design style, but there are other exciting options worth also considering, such as Scandinavian and Industrial, which are a couple of my favourites.

What to Include

Now that you know what to consider to design a modern kitchen, let’s take a look at what you need to include to pull off the design.

Island Bench

If you ask me, you simply cannot have a modern kitchen without an island bench! They are numero uno on the top of my list and a great way to add value to your home. An island bench can be any size and can be used for several things; you can install your sink and tap into it and use it for food preparation, you can use it as a bar to entertain dinner guests, or you can even adapt it into a dining table or breakfast bar for the family.

Moreover, there is no limit to the design options and materials you use. More often than not, however, an island bench is designed to match the other benchtops.

Stone Benchtop

Speaking of benchtops, there is no better choice than stone – or engineered stone. An engineered stone benchtop is much better than a laminate benchtop. It will instantly transform any kitchen into a modern kitchen, and there is no shortage of designs and colour options to choose from.

Tiled Splashback

Little is unachievable by choosing tiles for a kitchen splashback, and splashback tiles are very much “in” right now. The latest tile trends are made for kitchen splashbacks; retro patterns, marble, artisan designs, and textured tiles. All make for a fantastic feature splashback.

Check out our post on current Kitchen Splashback Trends for some splashback inspo. And if you’re considering doing you’re own tiling, our post, how to tile a kitchen splashback“, is a must-read.

Matt Black tapware

Nothing screams contemporary design quite like matt black tapware. You can do no wrong in choosing a matt black tap for your kitchen sink. And today, you’ll find matt black kitchen tapware to have just as wide a range as bathroom tapware. My tip is to choose a mixer-style tap over a standard three-piece set – it’s more modern.

Soft Closing Cabinets

It may not seem like a big thing to worry about, but having cabinets that comprise a soft-closing mechanism is a nice added touch, and if you’re renovating to sell, buyers will be looking for this. All modern kitchens contain this feature.

What products to use

Now that you know what to consider and must-have inclusions to create a modern kitchen, let’s look at some of Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s products to help you create your dream kitchen.

Stone Benchtops

Our range of engineered stone benchtops is made from natural quartz and is manufactured to the highest standards of quality. They are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid-resistant, and impact-resistant. Moreover, they come in a huge range of designs and textures, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect design for your modern kitchen.

Click here to view our range of stone benchtop designs, and contact us for a quote.

Splashback Tiles

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a massive range of feature tiles, splashback tiles, and subway tiles, perfect for splashbacks, and they’re all on-trend with current tile styles. Consider any of the following tiles to make a modern statement with your splashback.

Matt Black Tapware

We have a wide range of matt black tapware and have recently introduced a kitchen tap in our range in the likes of the Lauren Project Sink Mixer. The Lauren Project Sink Mixer boasts a contemporary design and holds a 4-star WELS rating. Priced at $249, this is a modern tap that offers excellent value for money.

Soft Closing Cabinets

Every wall cabinet, base cabinet, and pantry cabinet in Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s DIY kitchen cabinet range is fitted with soft-closing doors to add this modern touch. Furthermore, the design of our cabinets alone is very modern and contemporary in appearance. With a high-gloss 2-pack finish, they offer a stylish appearance that is ageless.


I know I’m super excited to get a new kitchen, but my problem is; I love so many modern designs that I can’t hone in on just one! Nevertheless, having researched for this article, I know what I need to consider, what I should include and where I can get my products from; Ross’s Discount Home Centre – and you should too!

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has everything you need to design a modern kitchen in 2020. From quality, high-gloss kitchen cabinets to trending circular kitchen sinks, and contemporary matt-black tapware to the latest tile designs, we have everything you need – all in stock and under the one roof!

Get design ideas for your new kitchen by viewing our extensive range of tiles and kitchen products.

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