The Latest Trends in Kitchen Splashbacks

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Splashbacks

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Splashbacks are an essential part of every kitchen. While their primary purpose is to protect walls from spills, stains, heat, and moisture, they also help in increasing the visual appeal of a kitchen. So, if you’re renovating or building a kitchen, choosing the right splashback is vital.

While glass splashbacks have been a popular choice in past years, this is one trend that you won’t see in kitchens in 2018. In fact, even expert designers have confirmed this to be true. Travis Dean, Co-Founder of Cantilever Interiors recently had an interview with He says, “We don’t do many glass splashes these days. It’s just really dated, too glossy, and doesn’t fit with contemporary trends.”

So, which materials and styles are currently trending for kitchen splashbacks and will stay so for a while? Continue reading this post to find out.

Multitoned, bold and bright

One of the hottest trends with kitchen splashbacks is creating bold accents with bright, multitoned tiles. While this works best in large kitchens, smaller kitchens can also use this to break up areas into sections.

You’ll find a range of bright, multitoned splashbacks in Perth right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. In particular, our Zany feature tile and our Deco Heritage Mix Multi, Hexia Rapsodia and Grenier Mix are perfect choices for creating bright, trendy splashback.

Natural look

Of late, the Natural look has been trending as another splashback design. Such kitchen splashbacks generally mimic the look of wood or stone and offer a timeless appeal. And, of course, modern splashback tiles can easily be cleaned and maintained as compared to real wood or stone.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our Tuscany mosaic range features natural marble, which is an excellent choice for creating a natural look in your splashback. They are available in various patterns, including fish scales, herringbone, hexagons, and pennys.

Stainless steel/Metalic

While many people are familiar with copper kitchen splashbacks, stainless steel splashbacks are a newer trend. This splashback style offers a distinctly modern appearance, and it also looks quite classy and sophisticated.

You’ll find a range of tiles with which you can create stainless steel splashbacks in Perth at our store. Check out our Moonlight Mosaic, Bling Silver, and Stainless Steel Look Mosaic Tile. These tiles will all allow you to create a gorgeous metallic splashback.

Contrasting colour splashbacks

Another trend that is highly popular with kitchen splashbacks lately is the contrast of designs, colours, and shades. This style is created by contrasting cabinet colours with the splashback tiles. Dark cabinets go best with bright splashbacks, while white cabinets work great with dark splashbacks.

If you have dark-coloured cabinets, consider our Finger Mosaic White – Matte mosaic tile for your splashback. On the other hand, for white cabinets, consider our Finger Mosaic Black – Gloss or Tuscany Nero Marquina Hexagon tiles, which are all black. These feature tiles will allow you to create perfect contrasting splashbacks in Perth.

Hexagonal splashbacks

Hexagonal tiles can help you create a trendy and interesting kitchen splashback without making anything too dramatic. Using this style to induce a pop of colour into otherwise neutral kitchens is safe.

Our Hexia and Tuscany mosaic ranges feature hexagonal designs that are sure to impress. With any of these, you can recreate this trendy splashback design.

Feature splashbacks

Finally, feature tiles are another hot trend with splashback designs lately. This trend commonly includes using a unique print on the splashback to reflect the homeowner’s personality.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our Tribal, Daphne Turquoise, and Hexia Rothko feature tiles offer very unique prints. Any of these will allow you to create a trendy feature splashback.


If you’re building or renovating your kitchen, you should consider updating your splashback with a trendy style. While glass splashbacks had been popular in the past, they are not so today. Today, multitoned, bold and bright splashbacks, natural look splashbacks, stainless steel splashbacks, contrasting colour splashbacks, hexagonal splashbacks and feature splashbacks are styles that are trending.

To create any of these trendy flashbacks in Perth, you’ll find everything that you need here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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