The most popular built-in Kitchen cabinet storage is…

deep drawer organiser

No kitchen can do without storage, period. Storage helps you keep clutter out of sight, and it also helps you organise all your kitchen essentials. Furthermore, modern storage options are designed to make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing.

While traditional kitchen cabinets are the standard ‘go-to’ for storage, modern-day kitchen cabinets come with many built-in storage options. From deep drawer organisers to cutlery organisers and pot and pan organisers to recycling cabinets, these are just some of the ktchen storage options available today. But which of these built-in storage features is the most popular? Today, we’ll take a look at just this.

So, continue reading this post as I outline which built-in storage options are the most popular with Australian homeowners. These results are coming to you from Houzz’s 2018 Australia Kitchen Trends Study. So, make sure to consider these storage options when you shop for kitchen cabinets in Perth.

1. Cutlery Organisers

Cutlery organiser

Cutlery organisers are by far the most popular choice when it comes to built-in kitchen cabinet storage. Houzz reports that 77% of people who upgraded kitchen cabinets chose cutlery organisers as built-in storage. This goes to show how important cutlery organisers are to homeowners.

Cutlery organisers are usually made out of stainless steel, wood or plastic, and come preassembled in kitchen cabinets. I recommend you to stick with stainless steel cutlery organisers as they will last you much longer than plastic or wooden ones.

2. Pull-out Waste Baskets or Recycling Baskets

pull-out kitchen bins

Recycling cabinets or pull-out wastebaskets are also a very popular choice with homeowners around Australia. According to Houzz, 66% of homeowners who upgraded kitchen cabinets chose cabinets with a pull-out wastebasket. This is because waste baskets make it very convenient for you to keep waste out of sight and control odours in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets in Perth with a pull-out wastebasket, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. In particular, I’d like to recommend our 15L Waste and Recycling Bin, our Base Unit with Utility Basket and our 35L Waste Bin. Choose any of these to keep your kitchen spic and span and free from odours.

3. Deep Drawer Organisers

deep drawer organiser

Houzz reports that 58% of homeowners who upgraded their kitchen cabinets included deep drawer organisers in their cabinets. With the help of a deep drawer organiser, you can arrange all your pots, pans, utensils and another crockery in your cabinets.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we don’t offer deep drawer organisers, but we offer base cupboards to house deep drawer organisers. Check out our Base Cupboard Four Drawer 60cm and our Base Cupboard Four Drawer 45cm. These cabinets are perfectly designed to house deep drawer organisers, so you won’t go wrong in choosing either of them.

4. Pot and Pan Organisers

Pots & pans cupboard

Finally, the fourth most popular built-in storage solution in kitchen cabinets are pot and pan organisers. According to Houzz, 40% of people who upgraded their kitchen cabinets chose pot and pan organisers as built-in storage. Pot and pan organisers will help you to store your large crockery items easily and effectively.

For kitchen cabinets in Perth that house pot and pan organisers, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Take a look at our Base Two Drawer Pot Drawer 80cm and our Base Three Drawer Pot Drawer 80cm. These kitchen cabinets are specifically designed to house the largest of your pots and pan. And best of all, as with all our cabinets, they come preassembled.


While kitchen cabinets offer great storage, many people choose built-in storage options within kitchen cabinets as well. The most popular built-in storage solutions in kitchen cabinets include cutlery organisers, pull-out wastebaskets, deep drawer organisers and pot and pan organisers. Make sure to consider your needs and choose whichever built-in storage solution you need.

And, for quality kitchen cabinets in Perth, you’ll find nothing better than our range here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Many of our kitchen cabinets are specially designed to house built-in storage solutions. Moreover, our cabinets are also very visually pleasing, and they offer fantastic value for money.

To buy our kitchen cabinets in Perth, drop by our showroom in Guildford or shop from us online today!

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