The Top Tapware Trends of 2022

The Top Tapware Trends of 2022

Tapware may not be a substantial product in the overall scheme of designing a home or renovating a kitchen or bathroom. Still, it offers the finishing touch needed to define and complete a design style.

Tapware can complement a design style or it can become the focal point of a room’s design. It can be used as a decorative element from the ceiling down to the floor. It is important for tapware to match a home’s design style and enhance it.

With tapware trends constantly changing to reflect the latest interior styles, it is beneficial for homeowners to keep up with tapware trends to choose tapware that matches their tastes and preferences.

So today, we take a look at the top tapware trends set to dominate in 2022. We’ll also cover some of the most frequently asked questions concerning current tapware trends.

If you’re looking to build, renovate, or simply modernise your home, following one of these trends will surely go a long way in helping you reach your goals.

Brushed Metal Tapware

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Brushed metal tapware is constructed from solid brass or stainless steel, which is polished to a high sheen. The brushed metal finish allows for the tapware’s subtle details to be showcased. With tapware being used as decoration, it can be seen as an attempt to upgrade tapware by creating elegant tapware that has simple designs with aerodynamic curves that catch the eye.

Brushed metal tapware has a classic appearance and feel, but it may also have a modern vibe depending on the design of your space. Brass, gold, nickel, copper, gun metal, and more are among the most popular brushed metal colours. Choosing the right brushed metal tapware colour depends on the look you’re going for. In a monochrome bathroom, brush gold tapware is ideal, while nickel and brass tapware may be used in any kitchen or bathroom design.

If you’re interested in following this trend, be sure to check out our beautiful Opal tapware range, which comes in bronze, nickel, gold and gun metal grey brushed finishes.

Matte Black Tapware

black tap

You can’t go wrong in choosing modern matte black bath tapware in 2022. According to bathroom design experts, the matte black bathroom tap trend will continue in 2022. In fact, the statement home interior trend is only going to grow in popularity.

Matte black taps are bold, strong, imposing, and contemporary fixtures. Matt black tapware is a bathroom item that has a simple style but a more traditional look. This tapware also has a fingerprint-resistant, soap-scum-resistant, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant surface.

This design of tapware is one of the most adaptable on the market, as it complements a wide range of styles, colour schemes, and textures, making it an excellent basis for a stunning bathroom or kitchen. Bathtubs, toilet brush holders, toilet roll holders, wall-mounted soap dishes, wall or floor tiles, and other bathroom fixtures look great with matte black tapware – regardless of their design or style.

If you would like to jump on board the matte black tapware trend, then you’ll find a massive range of tapware options in our Sky Tapware, Bianca Tapware, Cube Tapware and Fiona Tapware ranges.

Hands-Free Tapware

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With the increased hygiene requirements put in place from COVID-19, it’s no surprise that hands-free tapware is set to trend in 2022. Operated with automatic sensors to sense movement, hands-free tapware has grown in popularity partially in commercial establishments.

You don’t have to touch the tap, which reduces the spread of germs. Apart from obvious hygienic reasons, Touchless tapware regulates both pressure and length of water flow to help save water. Best of all, you didn’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the water after washing your hands.

With children in the house, you may want to consider installing hands-free bathroom tapware to reduce the danger of COVID-19 and other hazardous infections we’re yet to face.

Wall-Mounted Tapware

Wall-Mounted Tapware

Among the most common bathroom fixtures in 2022 will be wall-mounted taps, which are expected to become more commonplace.

For bathrooms with a small vanity top, wall-mounted taps are a terrific option. They free up space on the vanity top, providing more space to store toiletries and other grooming necessities. However, they do require the plumbing to be fixed to the wall and not within the vanity which is standard. And while any basin may be used with this style of tap, a vessel / top-mounted basin is best suited.

To follow this trend, simply choose a wall-mounted mixer set from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range. We have many options in our Opal Tapware, Sky Tapware, Bianca Tapware, and Cube Tapware ranges.

Copper Tapware

copper tapware

While copper tapware isn’t a new fad, it will continue to grow in popularity in 2022 as a result of its attractiveness and adaptability. Copper taps are quickly becoming an acceptable alternative for brass tapware in many homes around the world.

Copper taps with intricate style and craftsmanship preserve a traditional, old-school appearance. When polished, copper tapware has a wonderful sheen and is easy to clean. For a bathroom that exudes elegance and a sense of the past, copper tapware is an excellent choice. As a bonus, copper taps are small, sturdy, utilitarian, and very effective, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Brass Tapware

copper tapware

In addition to copper tapware, brass tapware will also trend in 2022. Brass has always been a popular tapware material due to its adaptable appearance and feel.

Brass is a great choice if you want a vintage, organic vibe, a rustic design, or a beachy aesthetic in your home. In both bathrooms and kitchens, we find brass taps coupled with natural materials like wood, marble, and stone. Brass tapware adds a touch of warmth to bathrooms with cold tones, and it looks particularly stunning in both light and dark spaces.

Luxury Tapware

luxury tapware

Luxury tapware, which has begun to trend in recent years, will continue to grow in 2022. Be it chrome tapware or tapware in the brushed metals mentioned above, luxury tapware is eye-catching while also providing functionality.

There are several factors that define luxury tapware. While price plays a role here (it’s safe to assume tapware that costs more is also of higher quality), other factors like style, finish, and design are equally important.

There are round rainwater showerheads that produce a relaxing. Rain-like spray pattern and square and rectangular showerheads that deliver a stronger spray across your back and shoulders. There are also flush-mounted ceiling styles that create a clean, minimalist look in your shower area, and high-performance thermostatic showers that allow you to control the spray pattern, flow, and temperature of the water with a single button.

You’ll be able to find many of these luxury tapware features in the range of tapware offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre. However, for the ultimate in luxury tapware, the Opal Tapware range is hard to beat.

Curved Tapware

 curved tapware

With the tapware trend leaning towards minimalism, tapware with clean lines and simple curves is set to become popular in 2022.

Curved tapware has soft, smooth lines that help it fit seamlessly into bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Curved tapware adds a touch of elegance to any space because its appearance is both sleek and calming. It is sturdy and easy to clean, making it a practical tapware option for bathrooms in the home.

You’ll find a range of contemporary curved tapware at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our Opal Tapware is a standout collection, while our Sky Tapware, Bianca Tapware, and Fiona options also offer popular options.

FAQs about Tapware Trends

What tapware trends are likely to be popular in 2022?

In 2022 tapware trends, we expect to see a combination of simple, clean lines and luxury finishes. Copper tapware and brass tapware will continue to go strong as well as they provide warmth and vintage flair. When it comes to tapware trends in bathrooms, we anticipate that tapware with a modern-minimalist look will be in high demand.

Is tapware on the rise?

Yes, tapware trends are definitely on the up and up. Homeowners in 2022 will be choosing tapware more actively than ever before. Between brushed metal, matte black, hands-free, wall-mounted, copper, and brass, your tapware choices are practically endless. They’re also more effective than ever before, meaning tapware will continue to gain in popularity throughout 2022 and beyond.

Are chrome taps still in fashion?

Chrome tapware is not expected to trend in 2022. Chrome tapware was very popular among homeowners in the 2010s, but it’s gradually becoming less desired for both bathrooms and kitchens. Unless you’re determined to keep up with tap fashion trends, chrome tapware isn’t right for your home.

Will matte black tapware go out of trend?

Matte black tapware is not a passing fad. It’s a popular option because of its aesthetic appeal and adaptability, and it can improve the appearance of nearly any kitchen or bathroom décor. However, low-quality tapware in black finishes should be avoided as it will mark and show signs of wear quickly.

What is the best Colour for bathroom taps?

Colour choice should be based on personal preference and tapware style. The most popular tapware colours for bathrooms include gold, chrome, nickel, black, and white. If you’re installing tapware with a very striking colour – such as red – consider using it sparingly to ensure your taps don’t stand out too much against the rest of your décor.

Is brass tapware likely to go out of fashion?

Brass tapware is not expected to go out of fashion in 2022. As tapware trends evolve, brass tapware continues to be one of the most versatile tap materials available. It’s cheaper than copper tapware and has a much less noticeable finish when it starts to age. Brass is also more durable than copper, which means that, unlike copper, brass tapware lasts for decades before requiring replacement.

What is the latest bathroom tapware trend?

The latest tapware trend focuses on tapware that has been designed to be more effective and easier to use. In 2022, we’re likely to see tapware that incorporates touch-free technology or hands-free operation.

What is the latest kitchen tapware trend?

The latest kitchen tapware trend is tapware that glows in the dark, which is very useful when you are cleaning up after dinner or cooking in the dark. The tapware for your kitchen will be able to indicate if your water is safe to drink by glowing different colours.

What is the best type of tapware for a bathroom basin?

The best tapware for a bathroom basin is tapware that provides effective water pressure and temperature control. Wall-mounted tapware is the most practical choice because it doesn’t impede on your bathroom’s space, but vanity-mounted tapware can also be quite effective.

What is the best type of tapware for a kitchen sink?

The ideal tapware for a kitchen sink is one that provides good water pressure and temperature regulation. The tapware should easily match your kitchen’s existing aesthetic, but it should also be sturdy enough to last for decades without breaking down.


In 2022, tapware trends will be focused on style and hygiene. Matte black and brushed metal tapware is at the peak of this year’s trends. Meanwhile, hands-free tapware with automatic sensors will help save water and reduce the risk of COVID-19. Also, expect to see more wall-mounted tapware, along with brass and copper tapware. Wall-mounted tapware frees up space on vanity tops and looks great in bathrooms that exude elegance and a sense of the past. Brass tapware and copper tapware are both popular options for those looking to add a sense of the organic to their kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or looking for tapware to install in your new kitchen, these tapware trends will help you make the most of the options available.

Of course, you can find tapware to match each of these trends at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a wide range of kitchen tapware and bathroom tapware in a range of styles and finishes. From the budget-friendly Fiona and Cube ranges to the more luxurious Bianca and Opal ranges, we have something for all trends and budgets.

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