Botanic Aster

$45.00 inc.GST

328 × 304 mm

PLEASE NOTE: Price is per piece

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Botanic Aster from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Mosaic Tile range is anything but dull. It is characterised by magnificent deep blues that are contrasted by delicate, lighter colours that contrast and create depth. This striking feature tile is sure to make a statement in any room in which it is used.

The Botanic Aster measures 328 × 304 mm and is sold per piece.

Botanic Aster mosaic tiles can convert a basic environment into a captivating space that is full of individuality and charm. Distinguished by its characteristic blue tapering triangular wedge parts, it creates a calming and attractive focal point that makes it the centre of attention. This product may also be used to provide a seamless look on shower walls in a bathroom installation.

To ensure its longevity, this mosaic has been created to an incredibly high level. Therefore, you may be assured that its shine will last for years to come.

The Botanic Aster mosaic tile from Ross’s Discount Home Centre is an excellent choice for blue feature tiles in Perth. Now is the time to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind mosaic. Currently, it is in stock and can be shipped out within days.

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