Botanic Sedum

$45.00 inc.GST

328 × 304 mm

PLEASE NOTE: Price is per piece

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Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Botanic Sedum mosaic tile is anything but average. This mosaic has a light and airy feel, with relaxing blue, purple, and grey tones and brilliant light colour accents.

The Botanic Sedum measures 328 × 304 mm and is sold per piece.

Transform a simple space into a beautiful environment full of creativity and charm with the Botanic Sedum mosaic tile.

The Botanic Sedum has unusual blue tapering triangular wedge pieces, making it somewhat unique. It is functional and stylish and will become an instant focal point for any space but is best suited for splashbacks, accents, and feature walls.

High-quality craftsmanship ensures the mosaic’s long-term viability. As a result, you may rest confident that the surface will retain its lustre for many years.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Botanic Sedum mosaic tile is an excellent option for those in Perth seeking blue-toned feature tiles. Make the most of this rare opportunity by purchasing this mosaic in person or online. Right now, it’s in stock and available for shipment today.

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