Quadrant Fluted Vessel White

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  • Vessel Size 360mm x 360mm x 120mm
  • White Fluted Finish
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Introducing the Quadrant Fluted Vessel White Basin, where contemporary sophistication meets timeless design. Its unique fluted edges create a captivating visual texture, setting a new trend in bathroom aesthetics that’s sure to impress. This basin embodies an arch design that merges seamlessly with modern matte finishing, making it a must-have statement piece for any bathroom.

Embrace the charm of its vessel design, measuring 415mm x 370mm x 120mm. Note that the pop-up waste is sold separately, allowing you to personalise your basin setup according to your preferences.

Crafted for above-counter installation, this basin effortlessly elevates the style quotient of your vanity top. The Quadrant Fluted Basin’s versatility extends to its compatibility with a variety of modern design styles. Its elegant appeal ensures it’s the perfect addition to bathrooms seeking a touch of contemporary luxury.

With a solid 5-year warranty, your investment in the Quadrant Fluted Vessel Basin is protected, ensuring both durability and lasting beauty.

Discover the unique charm of the Quadrant Fluted Vessel White Basin, available exclusively within Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s basin range. Explore our collection of bathroom basins in Perth and bring a touch of timeless sophistication to your bathroom space with the Quadrant Fluted Basin today.


  • Vessel Size 415mm x 370mm x 120mm
  • White Fluted Finish


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