Top Priorities For Home Renovations

renovation priorities

With the cost of a home renovation costing around $2,000 per square metre, the stakes of getting it right are high. Therefore, it isn’t ever a good idea to jump into a renovation without giving careful consideration to all aspects of the renovation.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we meet homeowners like you, looking to renovate a space, a room, or their entire home every day. And, we’re asked for renovation advice every day also. So, it would be remiss of us not to study our craft to offer the best advice we can. Hence, I have done a little homework.

Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation in 2018 and 2019 lists the top priorities during a home renovation, which I will look at in-depth below. Be sure to consider each of these priorities and address those that apply to you when planning your reno.

Improving design/look & feel

The highest priority for homeowners, with 72% of votes, was improving the design/look and feel during their renovation.

There’s no surprise that this is the number one priority. From roof repairs and roof replacement to painting the interior and exterior, there’s a long list of improvements for many homeowners. Renovating a home is the perfect time to modernise it and add value, and this is easily done with contemporary product choices such as those you will find in Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s online store.

Improving functionality

The second-highest priority for homeowners, with 68% of votes, was improving the functionality of their home during the renovation. Surprisingly, in our own Facebook Poll, improving functionally trumped improving the design, 80% to 20%!

Thankfully, today, most products are designed to not only look great but also much more functional than their predecessor or older models. You will also find this in the products in our product range.

Increasing resale value

The third priority for homeowners, with 49% of votes, was increasing the resale of their homes during the renovation.

Who wouldn’t want to increase the value of their home while undergoing a renovation? It’s expected, and if you fail to do so, then you have failed your renovation miserably. To get the most significant profit margins for resale, choose high-quality, modern products that don’t have a hefty price tag. This is where Ross’s Discount Home Centre comes in incredibly handy! We stock quality products at the lowest possible prices to leave more change in your pockets!

Improving energy efficiency

The fourth priority for homeowners, with 43% of votes, was improving the energy efficiency of their homes during the renovation.

This can be done through smart window placement and window treatments, along with purchasing more energy-efficient appliances to go with your renovation.

Minimising costs of improvements

The fifth priority for homeowners, with 43% of votes, was minimising the cost of improvements during the renovation.

It is hard to rein in your wishlist, to ensure you don’t overspend or over-capitalise. However if you shop around and buy from supplies such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre, your renovation costs will be reduced dramatically. Shop around, compare prices and then chose wisely.

Addressing health concerns

The sixth priority for homeowners, with 24% of votes, was addressing health concerns during their home renovation.

Integrating “green” materials

The seventh priority for homeowners, with 22% of votes, was integrating green materials during their home renovation.

Integrating smart technology

The eighth priority for homeowners, with 12% of votes, was integrating green materials during their home renovation.


If you’re undergoing a home renovation, it will pay to take a look at the top priorities of homeowners that renovated their home last year. You may find that you have overlooked an important consideration that will be of great benefit to you and your family.

The top priorities of the past 12 months included improving design/look & feel, improving functionality, increasing resale value, improving energy efficiency, minimising costs of improvements, addressing health concerns, integrating “green” materials, integrating smart technology.

Determine if any of these priorities are important to you and if and how you have addressed them in your renovation.

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