How to Lay Ceramic Tiles on Floorboards

laying tiles over floorboards

With any home renovation, updating the flooring is always a consideration. For older homes that have old floorboards, laying carpet or tiles over the floorboards is a popular solution for creating a fresh new look with minimal fuss. Thanks to this, Australia’s Tiling and Carpeting Services industry is growing at a brisk pace. In fact, according to IBISWorld, it saw a 2.1% growth between 2013 and 2018 and is now a $4 billion industry.

If you were under the impression that tiling over floorboards is difficult, you’d be mistaken. The truth is that as long as you follow the basics, laying tiles over floorboards is no more difficult than tiling any other surface. In fact, floorboards are more likely to provide a flatter surface than concrete.

Today, I’ll offer you a step-by-step guide on how you can lay ceramic tiles over wooden floorboards with ease. Follow these steps, and you’ll face no problems in tiling over your floorboards.

Step 1: Check for loose floorboards

The first and foremost thing to do before you start is to check for loose floorboards. Wooden floorboards are notorious for developing squeaks and creaks over time. You’ll need to fix all loose floorboards before you even think of laying tiles.

To find loose floorboards, clear out all furniture from your room and walk all around the floor. Mark loose floorboards with a pencil and use additional screws to fix them in place. Make sure to use short countersunk screws to avoid any bumps or unevenness on the surface. When you’re done fixing loose floorboards, sweep and clean the floor.

Step 2: Prepare your floorboard surface for tiling

To prepare your floorboard surface for tiling, you’ll need to cover the surface with a smooth and rigid backing board. Typically, 12mm plywood or 6mm tile backer boards are ideal for creating a rigid and smooth floorboard surface.

Do note that adding a plywood backing board on your floorboard will raise the height of your floors significantly. That’s why thin backer boards are a more popular choice for preparing floorboard surfaces.

To cover your floorboard, start by measuring your plywood or backer board and cut it into shape using a jigsaw cutting tool. Drill small holes into your backer board or plywood and use a silicon gun with instant grab adhesive to attach it to your floorboards. Make sure to start from one corner of your room and work your way out.

Step 3: Prime the surface

After you’re done preparing your floorboard surface, you will need to prime the surface for laying tiles. If you’re working with plywood, you can use an SBR primer or an acrylic primer on the surface. Alternatively, if you’re working with a backer-board, stick to using an SBR primer. Make sure not to use special PVA primers on either type of backing board as they will damage the surface. You will find the primer for your needs in our store.

Priming your backing board will create a grippy surface that is perfect for laying tiles on. When you’re done priming, you can simply use tile adhesive to lay ceramic tiles on your wooden floor surface.

Step 4: Choose your ceramic floor tiles

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Once you’ve prepared and primed your floorboard surface, you can lay floor tiles on them. Now you’re ready to go out and choose ceramic tiles in Perth of your liking.

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Laying tiles on wooden floorboards is easier than you think. Start by checking for loose floorboards and fix any squeaks or creaks. Prepare your floorboard surface for tiling by fixing a backing board or plywood. Prime the backing board surface using a quality primer. When you’re done, you can go ahead and choose ceramic floor tiles of your liking and lay them out.

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