5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

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Choosing a bathroom vanity can be as exciting as it can be frustrating. This is because you have to pay careful attention to a number of factors – get this decision wrong and you could end up hating your new bathroom

A vanity is often designed to be the focal point of a bathroom and it is also the most used item in any bathroom. Therefore, when you choose your vanity, you must choose something that is both functional and visually appealing.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the things you need to consider when choosing bathroom vanities in Perth. Whether you’re giving your bathroom a mini-makeover by replacing your existing vanity or you’re creating a brand-new bathroom, make sure to follow these considerations to find the best vanity for your needs!

1. Consider the space available in your bathroom

bathroom modern design
Consider the space available in your bathroom

Bathroom vanities come in a range of sizes, shapes, and configurations. You’ll need to consider the space in your bathroom and choose a vanity size accordingly. If you choose too large a vanity, you’ll have trouble giving yourself enough room around the unit. On the other hand, if you choose too small a vanity, your space will be out of balance, and you risk not having enough storage.

Therefore, always go with a vanity that is in proportion to the size of your bathroom. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our bathroom vanities in Perth are available in a range of configurations and sizes for you to choose from. Whether you need a small-sized, medium-sized or large-sized vanity, you’ll find just what you need within our range.

2. Consider plumbing requirements

bathroom plumbing
Consider your plumbing requirements.

I recommend that you purchase your bathroom vanity before your plumber arrives. Because once the plumbing is in place, you won’t be able to move things around later on.

In the case of replacing an existing vanity, be absolutely sure of the plumbing requirements before you go out and purchase a vanity unit. Consider going with a vanity that fits the same plumbing. You’ll make things much easier for yourself this way.

3. Consider functionality

double bowl vanity
Consider the functionality

Bathroom vanities have two main functions – 1, to allow you to wash your hands and 2, to store your bathroom essentials and accessories. Therefore, your bathroom vanity should offer plenty of storage for your items. It should also make it easy to carry out your bathroom duties. Always consider the functionality of vanity before making a purchase.

For instance, if you live in a large household with kids (and if space permits), a double-bowl vanity with maximum storage would be better than a single-bowl vanity. This will allow multiple people to use the vanity at once, making your morning routine much more efficient.

4. Freestanding or wall hanging?

wall hung vanity
Do you want a freestanding or wall hung vanity?

While modern bathroom vanities come in various configurations, most can be classified as freestanding or wall-hung vanities. As the name implies, freestanding vanities can be installed anywhere in a bathroom. On the other hand, wall-hung vanities must be mounted on a wall where the existing plumbing is located.

Freestanding bathroom vanities offer a grand look and great visual appeal. While they are available in all sizes, freestanding vanities are ideal for medium and large-sized bathrooms. Wall-hung bathroom vanities are very popular with small bathrooms because they create an illusion of more floor space.

Both of these vanities are available in various styles and designs. Our Brianna PVC Freestanding Vanity comes in 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm single bowl and 150cm double bowl variants. Our Courtney PVC Vanity Unit comes in 75cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm single bowl variants. Consider your requirements and the space available in your bathroom before making a decision.

5. Consider your bathroom style

modern bathroom design
Consider your bathroom style

Finally, when choosing a vanity, make sure to choose something that fits in with the overall style of your bathroom. Depending on whether your bathroom sports a classic, minimalist or bold look, you should choose a vanity that complements the style.

Not sure about a bathroom style yet? Then be sure to read my earlier post, “4 popular bathroom styles to consider for your renovation

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our bathroom vanities in Perth come in various styles and designs for you to consider. From single bowl and double bowl, freestanding vanities in modern designs and sleek finish options to nature-inspired wall-hung vanities, you’ll find a huge selection with us. Regardless of what style of vanity you need, you can count on finding it at our store!


Before you purchase a vanity for your bathroom, there are some important factors that you must consider. Consider the space available in your bathroom and choose a vanity that is appropriately sized. Consider the plumbing requirements of your bathroom and choose a freestanding or wall hung vanity accordingly. Finally, make sure to choose a vanity that fits in with the overall look and style of your bathroom.

And, for the largest selection of quality bathroom vanities in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.  Purchase our bathroom vanities from our showroom in Guildford or shop from our online store today!

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