Trending Tile Ideas For Kitchen Splashbacks

Trending Tile Ideas For Kitchen Splashbacks

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While kitchen cabinets and benchtops set the tone for a kitchen’s design style, the splashback completes the look. A kitchen splashback can be what you make of it – it can inject colour and personality into the kitchen design, complement the cabinets and benchtop, or be minimalistic, taking a back seat to let the cabinets and benchtop speak for themselves.

Kitchen splashbacks have been around for almost a decade. They became a staple element of a kitchen’s designs in the 1930s, just after the invention of running water and have grown to be so much more than a functional element. Today, they are a significant design element.

Kitchen splashbacks are available in a range of options, but biased or not, here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we believe there’s no better splashback option than tiles. There are many good reasons to choose tiles for your splashback; they’re available in various sizes, extremely flexible, incredibly affordable, and offer a classic style, and any feature tile is ideal for splashback applications.

If you have your mindset of a tiled kitchen splashback but need a little inspiration in choosing the right tile for your kitchen design, then you’ve landed on the right page. Today, we look at kitchen splashback tile trends to consider to complete your kitchen design.

Vertical Tiles

One of the hottest trends in kitchen splashback tiles today is vertical tiles. To achieve this trend, you can use subway tiles or uber-modern Kit Kat/Finger tiles. Subway tiles in a vertical stacked or vertical brickwork pattern provide a fresh look to this timeless tile.

Kit Kat/Finger tiles are one of the hottest tile trends of 20/21, and it doesn’t look like the trend will be fading any time soon. Kit Kat/Finger tiles are like miniature subway tiles, lined up like soldiers to create a distinct look that won’t go unnoticed.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we stock a range of subway and Kit Kat/Finger tiles. Our new Kit Kat/Finger Mosaics are available in a range of natural colours in speckled and flat designs.

View our full Kit Kat/Finger Mosaic range

Subway Tiles

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, subway tiles are timeless! If you’re worried about a current trend fading and your kitchen aging due to a passing trend, then subway tiles are a surefire way to create an enduring kitchen design that lasts the test of time.

Subway tiles are available in unlimited sizes, textures, finishes, and colours to perfectly complement any kitchen design. You need only look at the varied design styles in the selected subway tiles featured below to see how versatile they are. Whether designing a modern, contemporary, Hamptons, Coastal, or traditional kitchen, you’re sure to find the perfect subway to meet your needs in our extensive tile collection.

Patterned Tiles

If you’re counting on your kitchen splashback tiles to bring character and charm to your kitchen design, then patterned (200 x 200) tiles may be right for you! Patterned tiles with nouveau designs are ideal for transitional, traditional, Hamptons, and cottage design styles. They add a sense of yesteryear to a home’s design whilst also being very much on-trend with today’s splashback trends.

You can find an array of designs and patterns in varying colours, including monochromes and colourful prints, to complement your cabinets and benchtop or to stand out and make a statement.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a great range of nouveau patterned tiles in our Feature Tiles and Richmond collections.

Geometric Tiles

Consider using geometric-shaped tiles such as hexagonal tiles or tiles with geometric patterns for something more modern in design.  Either tile choice will add something different to your design.

Tiles shaped like a hexagon are modern and elegant in design. They’re usually made from marble and available in typical marble shades of greys, whites, browns, and blacks.

Tiles featuring geometric patterns are very contemporary. They are available in various colours, patterns, and designs and will add a unique design style to any kitchen.

Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are another popular choice for kitchen splashbacks. With minimal to no patterns in their design, they provide a minimalistic look without being bland or boring. Available as mosaics on a sheet, they are easy to lay and pack a punch without distracting from the kitchen’s overall design.

We stock a few high-quality penny tiles made from marble, which will be a welcome addition to any modern Hamptons or contemporary kitchen design style.

Herringbone Tiles

If you like subway tiles but want to mix things up a little, consider herringbone tiles. You can simply lay subway tiles in a herringbone pattern as displayed in the Edge Wave image below, or you can opt for herringbone mosaics where the tiles are already arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Edge Wave Tile

Edge Wave Tile Available at Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Choosing subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern offers endless options in terms of tile choice – you can choose any size, colour, texture, and finish to create a colourful splashback that stands out or a light splashback that blends in with the overall kitchen design.

Choosing herringbone mosaics reduces the design options, but they are much easier to install and offer a more refined splashback design.


Choosing tiles for a kitchen splashback is always a good idea if you ask us here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, however, with endless options to choose between, knowing what type and style of tile can be challenging.

To narrow down your options, consider following a kitchen splashback tile trend. Current trending tile ideas for kitchen splashbacks include vertical tiles, subway tiles, patterned tiles, geometric tiles, penny tiles, and herringbone tiles.

Selecting one of these trends will stand you in good stead for a creating winning kitchen design! And, of course, for all your kitchen splashback tile needs, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We literally have hundreds of tiles in Perth, available, in stock, and ready for shipping today.