3 Bathroom tapware trends for 2016

bathroom tapware

Taps are certainly the most important aspect of your bathroom. If you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new one, for sure you will need to purchase tapware. However, if you want to make your bathroom an elegant space, you need to consider which types of tapware are currently trending.

I’ve been the head of purchasing at Ross’s for quite a few years now. Thanks to having been in the home improvement business for some years now, I have a pretty good idea of the latest trends in bathroom tapware in Perth. I need to keep myself up to date with trends, as this allows us to do business better with our customers. In this article, I will share with you what has been trending in tapware in the past and what is currently in trend.

1. Opt for organic tapware shapes

I often take the time to read up on what expert designers have to say about trends in the home improvement market. Recently, I came across an article which quoted Daniela Santini, business manager of Reece Bathroom. As per her opinion, soft edges, curved designs and organic shapes are the hottest bathroom tapware trend of 2016. To quote Daniela, “Products are becoming sleeker as technological advances in the manufacture of bathroom products continue. The introduction of new materials into the bathroom space means thinner, more streamlined profiles are achievable in tapware. As part of the move toward fine lines, many consumers are choosing geometric, square inspired shapes. Instead of traditionally solid, thick square shapes, consumers are choosing more slim-line designs”. I’ve found this to be largely true. Right through last year and into this year, I’ve noticed that many of our customers opt for more slim-line shapes in tapware as opposed to the traditional rounded tapware of the past. To keep up with this trend, we have introduced the Square and the Cube collection of tapware, alongside some other geometrically shaped tapware into our collection.

2. The industrial theme is proving to be a hit

I’ve also noticed that the industrial theme in tapware is proving to be a major hit with interior designers, stylists as also style conscious homeowners. Industrial designs in tapware are increasingly being sought after by customers that we have received in the recent past. The industrial aesthetic brings about an excellent combination of functionality and imagination. Twin tap handles, ceramic discs and concealed aerators are some of the functional aspects of the industrial theme, while bold colours and contradictory shapes give this theme a definitive look. To adopt the industrial theme, take a look at our Waterfall Basin Mixer and the Star Wall Sets from our collection of tapware at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Star Wall/ Spa/Bath Set

Star Wall/ Spa/Bath Set

3. Matte black tapware

Arguably, the biggest trend in tapware colour – matte black tapware is seeing an immense surge in popularity in 2016. With high demand, we have introduced a range of matte black products in our tapware collection. Stylish, yet not overwhelming, the elegant matte black finish on tapware will turn any bathroom into a contemporary and sleek space. If you’d like to adopt this colour trend for your tapware in Perth, check out our collection here at Ross’s. We have an extensive selection of matte black tapware for you to choose from. I recommend that you take a look at our Cube range or our Square range of bathroom tapware which feature a classy matte black finish.


Black Cube Basin Mixer

Black Cube Basin Mixer


Tapware in Perth is going through a fashionable and trendy overhaul and rightly so. Taps are the most functional aspect of a bathroom so they deserve to look elegant as well. The latest trends of tapware in 2016 include a diversion from the traditional rounded shapes into more slim-line and geometric shapes. Industrial themed tapware is also gaining massive popularity. While steel tapware was a standard of the past, tapware is available in a range of colours today and the matte black finish is one of the hottest trends in today’s tapware market.

In order to stay ahead of our competitors and to serve customers better, we have included some new products in our tapware collection, reflecting these current trends. Take a look at our selection of tapware and I can assure you, you will love what you see. Currently, all items are in stock, so if you visit our showroom in Guildford or purchase online, you will have products delivered to you without any waiting time.

So what are you waiting for? Choose form the hottest trends in tapware in Perth, only at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. To know more about our tapware collection, get in touch with us and our salesmen will be glad to help you out.


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