5 reasons to fall in love with bath screens again

bath screens

Bath screens are definitely the rage of modern bathrooms! They are highly functional and a practical way to keep water from spreading to all parts of a bathroom. Lately, I’ve see an increasing number of customers making use of bath screens and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re thinking of doing the same.

First, let me just make one thing clear, when it comes to bath screens, there are two options – shower curtains and glass shower screens. If you pictured a shower curtain when you read the title of this article, then you can wipe that off your mind. Shower curtains are made from PVC and studies have shown this to be highly hazardous to our health. So when talking about bath screens, I am referring to those made of glass, just like the ones we stock here at Ross’s Discount Centre in Perth.

While the old bath/shower combo may not be as regal as a separate bath and shower, it does offer some fantastic advantages. I’ve been the head of purchasing at Ross’s for a number of years now and as I mentioned, I’ve seen more and more people opting for bath screens. You never know, after reading this article, you might just think twice about your bathroom layout. If you find yourself searching for bath screens in Perth, Ross’s Home Discount Centre is just the place to do so. But first, let’s take a look at why you might want a bath screen.

1. Allows you to utilise space

Over the years, I’ve met customers who have sloping roofs and awkward angles in their shower spaces. While such people would usually opt for shower curtains in the past, custom bath screens are available in the market these days. Bath screens, including some of the products that we feature at Ross’s are perfect for accommodating non-standard heights and tricky angles. If you’re in the market for bath screens in Perth, you may want to consider one of the screens we have to offer. They’ll help you utilise the space in your bathroom, while also keeping things stylish.

2. Makes your bathroom appear larger

Whenever I’ve had customers ask me why bath screens look more pleasing than shower curtains, I’ve always made it a point to explain that it is because bath screens are non-invasive. When you use shower screens, you create a barrier in your bathroom, which makes the space look much smaller. On the other hand, clear bath screens, such as the Kensington bath screen we currently sell here at Ross’s, allow light to pass through, which in turn makes your space appear larger. If you do not have a light source installed in your shower area, it is a good idea to choose clear screens when shopping for bath screens in Perth.

3. Keeps things simple and elegant

In my experience, I’ve noticed that some people opt for fancy décor in their bathrooms. Indeed, ornate fixtures, coloured tiles and panelled furniture have all made their way into modern day bathrooms. If you have such a bathroom, then it’s probably a good idea to go for a simple glass bath screen, such as the Waterford bath screen that we stock. This way, every other element of your bathroom will get all the attention it deserves. When shopping for bath screens in Perth, look for clear screens which have been specially coated to prevent limescale and dirt from accumulating. These screens retain their elegant looks over time.

4. Different configuration options

Shower curtains are all the same. While they may be available in different designs, they are used in the same boring manner – drawn to one side or completely pulled across. However, with bath screens, there are many different configurations that are possible. Bath screens come in hinged, foldaway and sliding designs among many others. If you’re looking for foldaway or swinging bath screens in Perth, take a look at our Texan bath screen. You can also browse through our collection to find other bath screen designs and configurations.

5. Makes your space more attractive

I personally love frameless bath screens – they are the latest trend in bathroom décor. These screens offer many advantages over traditional shower screens. Unlike typical bath screens which have frosted or textured glass mounted on a metal frame, frameless screens are equipped with clear glass and void of any frames. This allows light into all parts of the bathroom and accentuates bathroom fixtures and feature tiles. If you’re looking for bath screens in Perth, I suggest you check out our collection of frameless bath screens here at Ross’s. Use frameless screens to make your bathroom trendier and more attractive.


There are many reasons for you to fall in love with bath screens. Bath screens allow you to utilise your bathroom space better, they make your bathroom appear larger and they keep things simple and elegant. With bath screens, you have many different configurations you can opt for and most importantly, bath screens can turn any bathroom into a more attractive and relaxing space.

To purchase bath screens of high-quality, take a look at our collection of products here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a range of clear glass bath screens available in different styles for you to choose from. Purchase products from our online store and we will deliver them to you free of cost (Perth Metro only).

If you have any questions regarding our bath screens, please feel free to give us a call. Our expert salesmen will be happy to answer all your queries.

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