5 showers to brighten up your bathroom


If you’re looking to brighten your bathroom, then installing a shower screen is a great idea. Our range of shower screens can seamlessly transform any bathroom into a functional space, which is beaming with light.

If you’re wondering how much showers in Perth cost, then you might be surprised to know that they are rather affordable. According to HIpages, a shower screen can set you back anywhere between $300 and $690 without installation. While this sounds reasonable, here at Ross’s, we offer even more affordable shower solutions! Our range starts at just $544 for a shower screen or just $65 for shower panels.

Before you head out looking at showers in Perth, consider the 5 showers listed beach. Each are sure to brighten up your bathroom and best of all, are available at a very affordable price.

1. Palma

Palma shower screen
Palma shower screen, from $1,380

Customers often stop searching for showers in Perth as soon as they set eyes on the Palma shower screen by Lakes Bathrooms.

This ultra-modern shower solution will certainly help you create a light, bright bathroom.  Featuring an elegant polished silver frame, the Palma is equipped with 8-10mm toughened safety glass that meets all Australian standards of quality. Moreover, the glass panels feature a unique AllClear coating. AllClear is eco-friendly and acts as a shield against shower grime and soap scum.  This means, you can enjoy a cleaner and brighter bathroom longer, and who doesn’t love the sound of that?

If you’re looking for a minimalistic shower screen that won’t take away from your bathroom design, choose the Palma shower screen. I highly recommend this shower to customers in Perth.

2. Andora

Andora Shower Screen
Andora Shower Screen, from $1,205

When looking for showers in Perth Many consider the Andora shower screen, which is also by manufactures Lakes Bathrooms. Like the Palma, it too features a simple, minimalist design, which is ideal for those wanting light aesthesis in their bathroom design.

The Andora shower screen is suitable for creating corner or walk-in shower enclosures, which therefore makes it a very popular choice. It consists of a shower panel, a glass panel and an end panel, each made of toughened 8mm glass. Furthermore, you can also purchase extension profiles for these panels to create any type of enclosure.

I rate the Andora shower screen. It is simple, elegant and practical. It’s everything you want your shower screen to be.

3. Slider door

Slider Door Shower Screen
Slider Door Shower Screen, from $650

If you’re looking for sliding shower in Perth, consider the Slider door shower screen by Lakes Bathrooms. This semi-frameless shower screen has proven to be very popular with our customers as it can be paired with a side panel to create a great shower enclosure. Furthermore, its classic design won’t take away from the overall design of your bathroom.

Available in a range of size options, the slider door shower screen is suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. It is made from 6mm toughened safety glass and features a quality aluminium frame.

If you’re looking for shower screens in Perth with a sliding door that won’t take away from your bathroom design, go for our Slider door shower screen. You certainly won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

4. Frost frameless

Frost frameless Shower
Frost frameless Shower, from $695

Light, bright, seamless. The Frost frameless is another hit product with our customers at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, and it’s not hard to see why. This frameless shower screen features a contemporary design and will complement the décor of any bathroom.

This frameless shower screen features heavy-duty steel brackets and hinges and is highly durable. It makes use of toughened 10mm safety glass which exceeds the Australian standards of safety. One thing you’re sure to love about this shower screen is that it offers a complete water seal system.

The Frost frameless shower screen is also available in multiple size options for you to choose from. Whether you have a small, medium or large bathroom, you won’t find better showers in Perth than the Frost frameless. I highly recommend this shower.

5. Quadrant shower

Quadrant Shower Screen
Quadrant Shower Screen, from $1,070

If you’re after an easy to install corner shower, then I suggest you consider the Quadrant shower screen by Lakes Bathrooms. This shower screen features a corner design and soft graceful curves that will be an attractive addition to any bathroom.

The Quadrant shower screen is available in multiple sizes to suit different bathrooms. It makes use of 6mm toughened glass and like all Lakes Bathrooms showers, it features an AllClear coating.

Quadrant shower screen will certainly brighten up an old tired bathroom and let it breath in a breath of fresh air.


Brightening up your bathroom can be as simple as installing the right shower screen. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our shower screens will do just that. If you’re looking for a new shower in Perth, then consider the Palma, Andora, Slider door, Frost frameless and Quadrant Shower. Choose any of these and you’ll have a light, bright bathroom that’ll be everyone’s envy!

To buy our showers, simply get in touch with us. Give us a call at (08) 9378 2233 and our helpful sales experts will be glad to help you out with all your queries. So, call us today!

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