5 things you need to know before shopping for kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances

Purchasing kitchen appliances is indeed an exciting task for any homeowner, especially with the great range of products we have choose from. However, while I’ve seen many customers go about this process properly, others simply do not wish to invest in their kitchens. Let me tell you one thing – if there’s any part of your home that you wish to improve upon, it should be your kitchen. Here’s why.

According to a 2009 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, males and females spend a combined 11hrs and 26 minutes each week in the kitchen preparing food and clearing up. This is more than any other domestic activities including laundry, housework and home maintenance. Given that we’re spending so much of our valuable time in the kitchen, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to ensure your time spent preparing food and clearing is as efficient as possible? That is where kitchen accessories can help!

I’m often approached by customers looking for kitchen appliances at our store at Ross’s. As the head of purchasing, my duties also include helping customers make good choices and guiding them towards buying products that will help them. Over my many years of experience, I have identified the necessary steps that you need to take before you purchase kitchen appliances. Here are these steps which you must always take into account before you rush into the buying process.

1. Buy from a trusted kitchen appliance supplier

At Ross’s, customers choose to buy their kitchen appliances from us because we are a reputed and trustworthy home improvement store in Perth. While we have a large stock of products in our warehouse, all kitchen appliances that we feature in our store are of the highest standards of quality. We have in business for the better part of four decades now and over the years we have built up a solid reputation of offering quality products that make our customers’ lives easier. When you choose to buy kitchen appliances from a trusted supplier such as us, rest assured that you are purchasing first grade products. Should you need any help in choosing products; top suppliers also have a helpful team of salesmen to help you out, and this is exactly what you’ll find at Ross’s.

2. Buy kitchen appliances only from reputable manufacturers

Even though our customers know that we are a trusted kitchen appliance supplier, many enquire about the manufacturing brand of the appliances they are looking to buy. This is something that you must always look to do as some home improvement stores keep a stock of high quality as well as mid-grade products in their catalogue. To avoid an unpleasant purchase, make sure the kitchen appliances you intend to buy are manufactured by a reputed brand. Here, at Ross’s, we partner with the reputed brand, Euro Appliances for all our kitchen appliances. Euro Appliances has been in business since 2001 and all their products comply with Australian standards. Euro also offers first class customer service and support, so you can rest assure knowing that they’re buying a product from a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer.

3. Investigate the warranty of the appliance

As a customer, it’s important to make sure you enquire about the warranty of the appliance – no matter where you’re buying your kitchen appliance from – whether in-store or online. Warranty on items gives you peace of mind that the appliance you are buying is of great quality. In case something goes wrong with your appliance, you can always have it repaired or replaced, provided the warranty period is still valid. At Ross’s, the kitchen appliances we feature are backed by a solid Euro Appliances warranty.

4. Check if there is a return policy

I’ve often been asked whether we offer a return policy on the products that we sell. We offer a return policy on all our products. There are cases of items having defects in manufacturing, or items getting damaged during the delivery process. Provided that the kitchen supplier you buy from offers you a hassle-free return policy, you can prevent losses on your side due to such manufacturing defects or damage during delivery.

5. Read reviews about the appliance

Sometimes, customers walk into our store knowing quite well which kitchen appliance they want to purchase without even having spoken to a salesman. I’ve asked them how they have zoned in on a particular product and the most common answer I’ve received is that they have read positive customer reviews. Indeed, customer reviews, product reviews and user ratings are a great indicator of a product’s performance. By reading reviews, you will learn how the appliance performs and this will help you decide whether the appliance is right for you.

For reviews on popular kitchen appliances, I recommend you read the reviews of our kitchen appliances or visit the Canstar Blue website, which offers customer satisfaction ratings and extensive product reviews.


Before you jump into buying kitchen appliances, there are some steps that you should always follow. While you must always look to buy from a reputed kitchen appliance supplier, you should also pay attention that the appliances you buy are manufactured by a reputed brand. Make sure to check the warranty of the appliances and also, enquire about the return policy offered by the supplier. Finally, you should also always look for product reviews to make sure that other customers have been satisfied with the performance of the appliance you are looking to buy. By following these steps, you can ensure that you buy appliances of high quality, which will deliver you years of benefit.

If you’re looking for quality kitchen appliance in Perth, then you can trust our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre for all your needs. We have a broad selection of kitchen appliances ranging from refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, freestanding ovens, cooktops, dishwashers and range hoods – all your kitchen appliance needs right here beneath one single roof.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding any kitchen appliance that you want to buy, get in touch with us. Our team of expert salesmen will be glad to be of your assistance.


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