Flatpack Kitchens VS. Custom Kitchens – Which is the better option

Flatpack Kitchens VS. Custom Kitchens – Which is the better option

There’s no doubt that kitchens sell houses. So, if you’re renovating to sell or you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, then getting the design right is vital.

But before you can think about the design, there is one other important item you need to decide. That is, whether to purchase a flatpack kitchen or to approach a cabinet maker to have a custom kitchen designed – and you might surprise with the number of people who choose the DIY approach!

According to Houzz Kitchen Survey, 33% of Australians take on building or renovating their kitchen, opting for no professional help. Today we’ll see if you’re going to join them or if a custom kitchen is better suited for your needs.

Continue reading this article as I compare flatpack kitchens with custom kitchens. Hopefully, when you’re done reading, you’ll choose a flatpack kitchen from us here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre over a custom kitchen.

1. Quality

Many of our customers are under the impression that flatpack kitchens are inferior in quality to custom kitchens. However, this is not true at all. In terms of quality, flatpack kitchens can be just as good, if not better than their custom counterparts. While flatpack kitchens once made use of low-quality materials, this is not the case anymore.

The quality of a flatpack kitchen in Perth totally depends on the material and finish. These days, flatpack kitchens come in a variety of material and finish choices and thus range in quality. Nonetheless, flatpack kitchens offered by reputed suppliers such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre will always feature good quality.

However, our flatpack kitchens are technically not flatpacks at all. They come preassembled in a box. So not only do we take the pain associated with “flatpacks” away, but we also offer a far superior product than other flatpack kitchens in Perth. Our kitchen cabinets just need to be fixed in place – this is an advantage most other flatpacks don’t offer. So, even if you’re considering a DIY assembly, you can easily manage it with our flatpack kitchens.

BU60 boxed
BU60 un-boxed

2. Cost

One of the biggest reasons why our customers choose a flatpack kitchen simply comes down to their cost. Installing a flatpack kitchen will cost you far less than building a custom kitchen. You can expect to save thousands with this inexpensive alternative.

Moreover, a flatpack kitchen installation takes very little time – especially if you install our preassembled cabinets – so, you’ll be able to use your kitchen almost instantly. On the other hand, with custom kitchens, you’ll have to wait for the kitchen to be made to your specifications before it can even be installed.

Flatpack kitchens in Perth are available in a range of prices, but they are invariably cheaper than a custom kitchen. For high-quality flatpack kitchens which are also affordable, look no further than our store here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

3. Finish

You may be thinking that custom kitchens score better than flatpack kitchens when it comes to finish options. Sure, with custom kitchens, you can choose just about any material, colour or finish as per your fancy. However, you’ll also be glad to know that flatpack kitchens have come a long way.

Today, flatpack kitchens in Perth are available in an incredible number of finish options. You’ll easily find matte and glossy finishes and an array of textured laminates and timbre choices with flatpack kitchens.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our flatpack kitchens are incredibly popular with our customers. Unlike other flatpack kitchens in Perth, our kitchens feature 3 undercoats and 3 topcoats of white high quality 2 pack epoxy. This means you’re getting the quality of a custom kitchen at the price of a flatpack kitchen!


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If you’re renovating your kitchen, then you have two choices; a flatpack kitchen or a custom kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, flatpack kitchens do not mean low quality. In fact, modern-day flatpacks boast quality that is comparable to that of custom kitchens. Flatpack kitchens are also much more cost-effective and easier to install. These days, flatpack kitchens are available in a vast array of finish to suit your desired needs.

If you’re looking for flatpack kitchens in Perth, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Give us a call on (08) 9378 2233 or click here to view our flatpack kitchen range.

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