A 5 Step guide to renovating your new home

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If you’ve been following the Perth real estate market, then you’ll know that waiting for “the bottom of the market” may not come around again for quite some time.

In fact, the savvy buyers would have already purchased a property because, according to the latest REIWA figures, prices across the Perth Metro areas have increased on a monthly basis over the past 6 months.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said, “If you’ve been holding out for the best possible price, it would appear now is the time to act.”

So, for the savvier customers, congratulations, and you’ve already made money on your investment! For those still in the market, I’d suggest you forget about cosmetics and base your decision on size and location. After all, the rest can be easily fixed with a home renovation. And thankfully, that’s something we here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre know a thing or two about.

If you’re considering renovating in Perth, I will help you out. Continue reading this article as I offer a step-by-step guide to renovating your new home. You can thank me by purchasing your home renovation products from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Now, listen up!

1. Designing, planning and budgeting

Before you start renovating in Perth, you must first spend some time to assess your personal needs. Think of what you want to achieve with the renovation and how to go about it. You’ll need to focus on planning and budgeting during this phase.

Most importantly, you’ll need to work out the details of your renovation project, keeping your budget in mind.

However, you must understand that renovating a home is a massive project, and things can easily get messy. Furthermore, if you encounter unforeseen problems, you may even end up exceeding your budget. As such, I recommend that you keep an extra buffer in your budget to deal with any unforeseen and hidden expenses.

It is very likely that you’ll be working with architects, so be sure to involve them in the planning phase if possible. It’s vital that you finalise your designs and plans before you proceed, and their input now will prevent issues down the track. Even the smallest of changes to materials or design will add extra costs and delays, blowing your budget out of proportion. This is explained more in step 3.

You’ll need to communicate all your ideas, following which you will be presented with basic sketches of the renovation design. Only when you’re happy with the design and plan – providing it is within your budget, should you then proceed to the next step.

2. Obtain council approvals

With the plans finalised, you’re almost ready to start your renovation. However, before you do, you will need to obtain approval from the Perth City Council.

To obtain council approval, you’ll need to fill in and submit an application form. You’ll also need to provide your architectural plans, including shadow diagrams. You may be asked to provide other documents that have been provided by landscape architects, private planners, engineers or consultants to you.

Do note that you’ll need to bear an assessment fee when submitting your application for council approval.

If the council finds your application and supporting documents to be valid, then you’ll face no problems in getting an approval. However, the time taken for the approval process will depend completely on the scale and the complexity of your renovation.

For simple renovations, you can expect the approval to take around a month. However, complicated renovations will require more time, and you may also be asked to provide additional information.

3. Hire a builder or project manager

If you have not already, now is the time to start looking for a builder or a project manager for your home renovation. You can, of course, choose to manage the renovation yourself. However, unless you’re familiar with tools and have had previous experience, I’d advise you to get professional help. Trust me – it’ll make your project go much smoother and quicker.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a project manager or a builder is that you won’t have to deal with multiple tradies. The project manager will be your single point of contact and accountable for your entire project.

When looking for a builder or project manager in Perth, hire someone reputed and established. Reputed professionals will ensure that work keeps flowing and that only licensed tradespeople are employed. Also, make sure to request a quote before you finalise anybody. Click here if you’re not sure how to go about getting a quote.

Once you have a builder, make sure to draw up a contract. You’ll also need to hold regular site meetings with your architect and builder to ensure that things are proceeding properly.

During this stage, you will have to choose all fixtures, fittings and finishes used in your renovation. You need not look further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre for your home renovation products. We are a one-stop shop for everything related to home renovations. Whether you’re looking for tiles, kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets, bathroom products, tapware, doors, windows or appliances, we have it all! Best of all, we offer superior-grade products at the lowest possible prices in the market.

With us around, you simply needn’t look elsewhere for renovation products in Perth. Simply shop on our online store or drop by our showroom in Guildford. We have more than $1 million worth in stock, all ready and waiting to be dispatched. We even offer free delivery all across Perth Metro. So, if you’re renovating in Perth, make sure to buy your products only from us.

4. Demolition and reconstruction

Now that you have purchased your fixtures and fittings and have approval, you’re now ready to start renovating.

The first step of a renovation project is the demolition of existing services and structures. As such, all services in your home, such as water, gas or electricity will need to be disconnected before work can start.

In some cases, existing structures may also need to be demolished. Your architect and your builder will assist you in determining what needs to be demolished before your renovation.

After demolition work, reconstruction can commence.

First of all, footings will need to be excavated, followed by installing plumbing and electrical fixtures. This is followed by installing concrete footings and structural brickwork. Timber framing and roof cladding will be completed after this, which is followed by fitting doors and windows.

Once reconstruction has been completed, the electrical and plumbing lines are connected, and external linings are done. Your renovation will then be locked up to secure the property and make it watertight.

You can expect the lock-up to last between one to two weeks, provided every step has gone as planned.

5. Sequence of works in home renovation

While you may be working with professional architects and builders, I advise you to keep in mind the sequence of works. As a rule of thumb, work starts from the top to the bottom – meaning ceilings first, then walls and finally the floor.

After work on the ceilings, walls and floor is completed, fittings and fixtures need to be installed. Any cabinets, tapware, splashback and painting should be completed before the flooring. Also, keep in mind that flooring will need to be completed before you can arrange your appliances.

Remember to follow this particular sequence of work. If you do, you’ll face fewer problems, and your renovation will run much smoother.

That’s it! These are the five basic steps that are involved in renovating a home. If you’re looking at renovating in Perth, all you need to do is follow these steps. You’ll end up with a great-looking home that reflects your personality and your needs.


When it comes to a home renovation, you need to follow some basic steps. First, start by designing, planning and budgeting out the project – it’s a good idea to involve your architect or designer in this phase. Once you have your designs, you can apply for council approval. With council approval obtained, you can then hire a builder or a project manager to assist you with your renovation. These professionals will start off by demolishing and then reconstructing your home.

Always remember to follow the correct sequence of works when renovating in Perth. If you do so, your project will go much smoother and you’ll have a great home that suits your personal needs.

For high-quality yet cheap renovation products in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Please drop by our showroom in Guildford or shop online today!

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