How to demolish a bathroom, the DIY way

DIY demolition

If there’s one thing common with homeowners in Perth, it’s that many of them undergo a bathroom renovation every year. However, before any renovation work starts, homeowners must demolish their existing bathrooms first.

While you can certainly hire professionals to demolish your bathroom, you can also choose to do it yourself. In fact, DIY bathroom renovations in Perth are one of the easiest ways to reduce your bathroom renovation costs.

But what if you don’t have much DIY experience and you’re unsure how to go about a demolition? I hear you. Today, I will offer you a simple guide on how to tackle a DIY bathroom renovation. This guide offers everything that you need to demolish your bathroom safely, so read through to the end!

1. Prepare your bathroom and gather your tools

The first thing to do before you start with demolition is to prepare your space and gather the required tools. Start by turning off electricity and water supply to your bathroom to make your space safe to work in.

The tools that you require for demolition include a reciprocating saw, a crowbar, a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner. You don’t need to go out and purchase all these items – you can always rent or borrow from a friend.

2. Removing old components and fixtures

Once you’ve prepared your space and gathered your tools, you can move on to removing old components and fixtures. Remove your mirror first as it can easily get damaged during the demolition. Move on to knobs, electrical fixtures and tapware. If your tapware is fixed to the walls, remove them carefully without damaging the plumbing.

3. Removing the sink and vanity unit

After removing old components and fixtures, move on to your sink and vanity. Sinks are usually connected to drain lines with a P-trap and you’ll need to unscrew this first. You’ll also need to unscrew all water lines to your sink and unscrew the sink from wall brackets (if any). If you find that your sink is held firmly in place, use the pry bar to wedge it loose.

To remove your vanity unit, unscrew the cabinet from the walls (if applicable). Again, you can use your pry bar if your vanity is screwed on too tight.

4. Removing the shower and/or bath

Next, move onto removing your shower and / or bath. Unscrew the shower screen and carry it out of the bathroom to a skip bin to avoid breakage. If you have a built in bath, first remove the fame with your crowbar so you can access the bath. This should come out pretty easily.

5. Removing the toilet

Removing a toilet takes a little more effort than other components in your bathroom, but it is still manageable. First, start from the bottom of the toilet bowl while making sure that toilet cisterns and water lines are already disconnected. Sometimes, toilet bowls are fixed to the floor with glue or silicon. If this is the case, simply use the pry bar to wedge open the toilet bowl. Once off the floor, you can simply pull out the toilet suite from the wall.

There you have it – follow these easy steps and you’ll be done with your DIY bathroom renovation in Perth in no time at all!

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Before planning a DIY bathroom renovation in Perth, you need to demolish your existing bathroom first. Fortunately, this is fairly straightforward and you only need a few tools to demolish your bathroom DIY. The tools you need for demolition include a pry bar, adjustable wrench, reciprocating saw and a screwdriver.

To start off with your demolition, prepare your space first to make it safe to work in. After that, remove all old components, fixtures and faucets from your bathroom. When you’re done, you can remove your sink and vanity and finally the toilet suite.

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