How to save money on your kitchen renovation

save money

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, then I’m sure you’re looking to reduce costs wherever possible.

No doubt you’ve come across figures that say replacing a kitchen in Perth will cost around $22,000 for a budget kitchen, $34,000 for a luxurious kitchen and $40,000 for a high-end kitchen. However, recent surveys reveal that the average spend is $14,600 for spaces under 10m² and $22,600 for spaces over 10m². And while these are less than what the former figures suggest, it is still a lot of money in anyone’s book.

So, how do you save money when renovating a kitchen in Perth? Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out. As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve helped several customers save money on their kitchen renovations. Today, I’ll do the same for you.

Continue reading this post as I list some effective tips on how you can reduce your kitchen renovation costs.

1. Choose pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

Ross’s Alpine cabinets all come pre-assembled

Kitchen cabinets occupy almost 60% of the surface area of a kitchen. Installing new cabinets often proves to be the biggest cost in a kitchen renovation. However, you can always opt for pre-assembled cabinets to cut down costs.

Pre-assembled cabinets typically cost half the price of custom cabinets. Moreover, they are easy to install, so you’ll save further on installation costs.

If you’re looking for quality pre-assembled kitchen cabinets in Perth, consider Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a full range of cabinets, including wall cabinets, base cabinets and pantry cabinets. Our superior-grade cabinets are designed to last a lifetime; they are backed by manufacturer’s warranties and offer unmatched value for money.

2. Go with a functional benchtop

Silestone benchtop offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Benchtops are probably the most used and the most functional element of any kitchen in Perth. If you’re replacing or updating your benchtop, always choose something that is functional and built to last. There’s no point choosing a fancy benchtop just to have it replaced after a couple of years.

When it comes to functional and durable benchtops, stone benchtops and laminate benchtops are excellent choices. You’ll find a range of stone benchtops and laminate benchtops at our store. Our affordable benchtops are engineered to the best standards of quality, and they are incredibly durable. Also, our benchtops are available in a range of colours and designs, so you can always complement the overall style of your kitchen. And, if you’re not sure whether you invest in a stone or laminate benchtop then read my earlier post, Stone benchtops Vs laminate benchtops – which is the better option?

3. Save on your splashback

Andy - kitchen example
The ‘Andy’ feature tile from Ross’s Discount Home Centre is an affordable choice

Splashbacks are a wonderful addition to any kitchen in Perth. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also protect your walls from stains and spills. Unfortunately, too many people blow their budget by choosing overly expensive tiles for a splashback. You don’t need to do this.

You can always create a stunning splashback with affordable mosaic tiles, subway tiles, and feature tiles from our store. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we keep in stock a massive selection of tiles for splashbacks. Our wall tiles are easy-to-install, easy to clean, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

4. Shop at a Discount Centre

Ross's Discount Home Centre
The team at Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Finally, shopping at a discount centre is an excellent way to save money on your kitchen renovation. Discount centres, such as our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, offer quality products at discounted prices. By buying products for your kitchen in Perth from a discount centre, you’re sure to cut renovation costs significantly.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we stock an entire range of kitchen products at our store. From kitchen cabinets, benchtops, tapware, tiles, sinks, accessories and appliances, you’ll find everything under one roof at our store. And, we offer our products at much cheaper prices as compared to other suppliers. When it comes to finding quality products for a kitchen in Perth, we’re your best bet.


There are several ways to save on a kitchen renovation. Choosing ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, going with a functional benchtop, saving on a splashback and shopping for products at a discount centre are some effective ways of cutting costs on kitchen renovations.

And, for all the products that you need for your Perth kitchen renovation, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Check out our product range online or drop by our showroom in Guildford today!

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