Selecting the Right Toilet

If you are contemplating Bathroom renovation especially if you are thinking of replacing your toilets -Ross’s has a great selection of some of the popular brands of toilets, models, styles, and options available. While it may not seem like there is a lot to think about when it comes to selecting a new toilet, there are many factors to consider beyond the usual details: choosing what kind of a pan you need (s or p trap), toilet size, toilet height, toilet accessibility and the wells water flow requirements, etc.

Let us start with the Shape:

In most cases, an elongated toilet bowl is usually the best choice considering that it is more comfortable. However, if you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider a more round bowl so as to save space.

What about the Height?:

Theses days most toilets are made with a pan height of around 400mm. Taller toilets are available and can be more comfortable for taller people and they may be your best choice if you want to ensure accessibility for all your users regardless of their mobility constraints.

What about the Style?

A two-piece toilet (wherein a tank is bolted on top for the bowl) is one of the most common styles and is much easier to maintain than a one-piece suite.

Water Conservation:

Most older toilets use 4.5  ltr (half flush) and 9 ltr (full flush) of water per use. Newer toilets with dual-flush technology are designed to use 3ltr (half flush) and 4.5 ltr (full flush) per use. Resultant savings in water bills alone -over the entire life of a newer dual-flush toilet -can add up to thousands of dollars.  

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