Sliding Door and Flydoor Installation


Step 1. Pack under sill until level and firm. Ensure door frame is fixed into position level, square and plumb.

Measure diagonally and adjust frame til diagonal measurements are equal.

Step 2. Insert mobile sash panel from outside up into the inner track of head and swing bottom of the panel into the inner track of the sill. Ensure the interlock mohair faces the outside.

Step 3. Insert fixed sash panel from the outside into the centre of head and swing bottom of the panel into centre track of sill.

Ensure interlock mohair faces the inside. Slide the fixed panel into jamb ‘ groove.

Ensure sash insert ABS38 is located at the end of the sash, away from the jamb frame.

Step 4. Push top bracket ABS34 into the outer track of head frame and slide between head frame and top of fix sash panel.

Secure bracket to head frame with one self-tapping screw SCR71.

If top bracket does not fit because there is a bow in head frame, snap of top bracket corner block.

Step 5. From inside secure fix sash panel to jamb with two self-drilling screws SCR62.

Locate the screw about 200 mm from top and bottom of jamb straight through jamb mohair and mohair groove.

Step 6. Ensure that the door sash is square and in line with the frame.

Adjust if necessary by turning the roller adjusting screw to the left or right.

Step 7. Undo top mobile sash screw, set sash end plug (ABS27) in head frame first track against top end of mobile sash and refit screw.

Ensure door is moving freely and fully tighten screw.


Step 1. Loosen screws holding head roller until roller extended fully above flydoor head. With roller facing the inside fit both wheel in the head frame track. Lift Flydoor and fit bottom edge over the sill frame track

Step 2. Ensuring that the top mohair is in contact with head frame hold Flydoor up and tighten head roller screws. Loosen the bottom guide screws and lower the guide around the sill frame track, then retighten the guide screws.

Step 3. Check that the flydoor is running freely with top and bottom mohair in contact with doorframe, and then fit plastic roller cover ABS 46 onto the roller.

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