Tapware trends to follow in 2017

Tapware trends to follow in 2017

If you’re planning on a bathroom renovation this year, chances are you will also be looking to upgrade your tapware. However, even if you’re not, simply upgrading your tapware can make a great difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom space.

So, you’ll need some inspiration and ideas for tapware. I’ll help you by listing some of the tapware trends to follow in 2017. Choose any of these styles to have a fashionable and elegant bathroom space.

1. Matte Black Tapware

Matte black tapware has been a steady trend for some time now and experts believe that it is here to stay in 2017. Matte black tapware makes a stylish and confident statement and works well with both colourful and monochromatic surroundings. Furthermore, it doesn’t stain with water or lose its charm over time, making it an even more popular choice.

If you’d like to upgrade to matte black tapware, look no further than our tapware collection here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our Cube Basin Mixer and our Square Hi-Rise Shower Arm are two great examples that will add elegance and style to your bathroom.

2. Concealed floor wastes and drains

Minimalism is another trend that has steadily gained popularity over the years. In 2017, many bathroom elements, including tapware, will embrace this style. While you can choose many tapware pieces with a minimalistic style, floor grates really complete the trend – they conceal wastes and drains, making a bathroom appear much neater.

For high-quality floor grates that offer a plush and neat finish, look at our range of bathroom floor grates. Our Reflux Tile Floor Grate and our Tile Floor Grate are some great options you can consider for your bathroom renovation.

3. Brass tapware

I distinctly remember brass and gold tapware along with marble cladding back in the 70s. Come 2017, brass tapware seems to be making a comeback. Brass offers a very noble and refined look, which can be paired with stone, marble, quartzite or other similar materials. Don’t worry if you have none of these materials in your bathroom – brass tapware will complement other finishes as well.

4. Chrome tapware

Chrome is a very versatile finish for tapware that will probably never go out of fashion. It complements almost all other finishes and colours and works well both with traditional and modern styles.

For tapware with a durable and high-quality chrome finish, consider our collection here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. In particular, I recommend the Square Basin Mixer and Square Shower Arm. These bathroom taps feature stunning designs, are very practical and feature an elegant chrome finish.

5. Brushed metal tapware

Brushed metal tapware has been competing with black tapware and this battle will only intensify in 2017. Many designers believe that brushed metal ages better with time, while black loses its charm because of water splashes (matte black will not suffer from this problem). Brushed metal tapware can be used anywhere in a bathroom for a royal and elegant feel.

Brushed metal is one tapware finish which I personally find to be really pleasing to the eye. It looks warm, has a soft metallic appearance and sometimes has a brushed finish. It looks great both with contemporary as also traditional bathrooms.


If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or simply upgrade your tapware, you should consider the latest in tapware trends. In 2017, matte black tapware, concealed floor wastes and drains, brass tapware, chrome tapware and brushed metal tapware are all trending in 2017.

These tapware styles are versatile enough to complement the interiors of both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

For high-quality tapware that offers genuine value for money, look no further than our bathroom tapware collection at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Buy your preferred tapware style today from our online store and avail of free delivery all across Perth Metro!