Essential Bathroom Fittings for a Modern Bathroom Design

modern bathroom

Last month, I explained how to design a kid-friendly bathroom. But today, this article is for all those who don’t have to worry about kids and are all about trends, style and quality bathroom fittings.

There are many facets of bathroom design; first, you need to decide on a style and colour pallet, then you need to choose tiles and bathroom fittings to facilitate the look you’re after. I’ve already looked at tile considerations and suggestions in this earlier post, so today, I’ll focus on bathroom fittings.

Continue reading this article as I share with you the essential bathroom fittings for a modern bathroom design. I’ll also offer some product suggestions from our range here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Rimless toilet

Rimless Toilet

If you have not heard about rimless toilets, then it’s time to get informed! You won’t want to design your bathroom without including this bathroom fitting in your design.

Rimless toilets are just that – rimless. They don’t have the traditional rim that water flows inside. Instead, they have smooth walls, free from any nooks or angles that would otherwise attract dirt buildup and germ formation. This new revolutionary design offers a more hygienic and more economical toilet, which is also much easier to clean.

Product Recommendation:

We can’t go past the Peak Rimless Toilet Suite. Priced at just $499.00, including GST, this toilet is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom. It features a double glazed nano-coated bowl, quick release soft closing seat and has an impressive 4-star WELS rating and a 4.5/3L flush.

Black tapware

matt black fittings

The rise in popularity of black tapware has been like none other. You could go as far as to say, black tapware epitomises modern bathroom design. At least it hast for the past 4 or so years. The popularity is partly because of its adaptability and partly because of its affordability.

Whether your ideal modern bathroom is minimalistic, urban hotel-style, industrial, eclectic, dark, or Scandinavia inspired, black bathroom fittings are not only a good design move, but they will become a vital element of your bathroom design as well.

Product Recommendations:

Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers a complete range of black tapware that starts at just $30 including GST. Our range includes a basin mixer and pop-up waste, a showerhead, shower arm and shower mixer, a twin shower set and a bath spout.

Bathroom accessories

bathroom towel rail

Unless you’re designing a minimalistic bathroom, you won’t want to skimp on bathroom accessories when selecting bathroom fittings. A functional bathroom is a well-designed bathroom, and there is no better way to improve the functionality of a bathroom than by including essential accessories in your design.

Some of the most serviceable accessories to consider in your fittings include a toilet paper roll holder, towel rail, toilet brush and a shelf for the shower. Without the addition of such products, your bathroom will be less hygienic and more unkempt.

Product Recommendations:

Must-have bathroom accessories include the Square Toilet Paper Holder at just $30 including GST, the Square Toilet Brush And Holder at $45 including GST, the Square 900mm Single Towel Rail at $55 including GST, and the Square Stainless Steel Shelf, which retails at $75 including GST. These products also come in an elegant Round range.

Tile floor grate

tile floor grate

A tile floor grate is a bathroom fitting that is often overlooked, for more outdated and less elegant options. For a truly modern bathroom, the best-looking and most well-designed fittings must be included in the design. This is why you can’t go past a tile floor grate.

Let’s face it, not a lot of effort goes into the selection of a floor waste. It’s there to be functional and not as a design element, right? But why shouldn’t it be? By choosing a tile floor grate over a traditional floor waste, you can seamlessly disguise this unattractive element into your modern design.

Product Recommendations:

For the bathroom floor, the 100mm Reflux Tile Floor Grate, which is just $45 including GST, is a must-have. For the shower or wet room area, opt for a modern floor grate such as the 80cm Tile Floor Grate, which is $195 including GST (also available in 70 cm and 90 cm variants).

Freestanding bath

Freestanding bath

If you have the room, then a freestanding bath is an absolute must-have fitting for any modern bathroom design. Nothing looks more boring and dull than an insert bath, so why would include one in a contemporary design?

Today, freestanding baths are available in so many types and shapes that there is no shortage of design options. Moreover, they are made from acrylic, so they are now very reasonably priced, and are much lighter in weight.

If you are choosing black tapware, then a black freestanding bath is the perfect accompaniment. Nothing looks more modern!

Product Recommendations:

So many options at hand! For simplicity, consider the Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath, which is $1,050 – $1,100 inc.GST depending on the size. Make a statement choosing the Rio Black & White Back To The Wall Freestanding Bath, which is $1,350 inc.GST. Or, for something more organic, consider the Bermuda Freestanding Bath; it also retails at $1,350 inc.GST.

Freestanding bath mixer tap


To escort the freestanding bath, you need a modern freestanding bath mixer. This is one bathroom fitting that screams contemporary style, yet it is highly functional as well.

Like freestanding baths, freestanding bath mixers are available in a range of styles and designs to complement your bathroom design. They are floor mounted and add a refined touch to what is already a focal point of the bathroom.

Product Recommendations:

The Round Freestanding Bath Spout at just $295.00 including GST is a great choice for those opting for a minimalist bathroom design. For something a little more elegant, consider the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer at $495.00 including GST. And for something that offers high-functionality, you can’t go past the Cube Cube Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower, which retails for $595.00 including GST. We also have these products in matte black.

Shower panel

shower panel

Last on my list of essential bathroom fittings for a modern bathroom design is, of course, a walk-in shower. Shower screens are so 1990! A modern bathroom does away with any form of traditional shower enclosure in favour of a minimalistic shower screen.

Walk-in showers are not just modern, but they open up the entire bathroom and make the room look more spacious. For a super chic touch, a shower screen can be used to separate the wet area of a bathroom from the non-wet area to create something awe-inspiring.

Product Recommendations:

For the bare minimum, the simplistic Shower Panel, priced at $345 – $445 inc.GST is ideal. It’s also perfect for separating wet areas. However, for something more impressive, choose the Cannes shower panel, which starts at $595 inc.GST. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an easy install option, the Marseilles, which features a shower base, is a great option. It starts at $1,055, including GST.


Creating a modern bathroom may sound like an easy task. However, you will fail if you do not pair your contemporary design with modern bathroom fittings.

A few essential bathroom fittings to consider for a modern bathroom are; a rimless toilet, black tapware, bathroom accessories, a tile floor grate, a freestanding bath with a freestanding bath mixer tap, and a shower panel.

To shop for any and all of these bathroom fittings in Perth, you need not go any further than this site! Ross’s Discount Home Centre specialises in stocking the latest bathroom products, including all those mentioned in this article.

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