How to Install Kitchen Cabinets, the DIY Way!

DIY kitchen cabinets

Think of yourself as a bit of a handyman or handywoman, not afraid to get in there and give something a go? Well then, you’re a perfect candidate for a DIY kitchen renovation!

But don’t be misled into thinking that all kitchens are easy or difficult to install. While we at Ross’s Discount Home Centre are very pro-DIY, when it comes to a kitchen, it really does depend on your choice of cabinets as to whether or not you should attempt to install it yourself.

There are three types of kitchen cabinets to consider. You have easy-to-install cabinets, moderately easy-to-install (but lots of patience needed) cabinets and then there’s ‘you’d have to be crazy even to consider it’ cabinets.

Which do you want to choose?

If you’re smart, you would have said “easy-to-install cabinets”; these are pre-assembled cabinets, such as those we sell here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. If you have the patience of a spider and chose moderately easy-to-install; then you’ve chosen flat-pack kitchen cabinets, and if you chose ‘you’d have to be crazy even to consider it’ cabinets, a) you’re nuts and b) you’d of chosen to install custom made cabinets.

For those of you who chose smartly and said “easy-to-install cabinets”, this article is for you. Today I will run through just how easy it is to install pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, the DIY way. Flat-pack kitchen cabinets will be similar to install. However, you have to factor in the time it takes to install every unit (and don’t forget to factor in dummy spits and missing screws!)

Step 1: Unwrap the cabinets

Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s cabinets are delivered assembled and are carefully packaged to ensure no damage is done during delivery. Carry the cabinets in their wrapping to the kitchen area.

To unwrap the cabinets, you will need a Stanley knife. Very carefully, glide the knife along the box edges. Pay special attention while doing this. Do not extend the blade to be any longer than the width of the box – you do not want to damage the units.

Remove the box and all the packaging away from each cabinet and discard of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Step 2: Positioning & fixing the cabinets

If you designed your kitchen in our 3D Kitchen Planner, refer to your saved project to see the placement of each cabinet. Otherwise, refer to your own layout guide.

Place all the cabinets in their place to make sure your cabinets fit your area then clear the space.

Fix one cabinet into place at a time before moving onto the next. If you have a U or L shaped kitchen, start in a corner and work outwards. If you have a galley or one-wall kitchen, begin in the centre and work outwards.


If you’re looking to install your own kitchen cabinets, then you would be crazy to choose any other type than pre-assembled cabinets. As their name suggestions, pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are delivered as a complete unit, already assembled and only need fixing into place for their installation. There is no more straightforward, more efficient solution!

For top-quality pre-assembled kitchen cabinets with a white two-pack finish, be sure to view Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range. They’re modern in design and competitive in price.

View our pre-assembled kitchen cabinet range and use our 3D Kitchen Planner to plan out your cabinets today.

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