How to Design Your Own Kitchen with Our 3D Kitchen Planner

Are you building or renovating a new kitchen? Then do we have a treat for you! Ross’s Discount Home Centre recently launched our state-of-the-art 3D Kitchen Planner that effortlessly lets you design your kitchen using our exclusive products.

Creating a designer kitchen for less has never been easier thanks to our new technology. Save money on hiring a kitchen designer and take on the job yourself! Now, you can see what your finished kitchen will look like and complete 3D format before investing a cent.

Sounds good right? Well, continue reading this article as I give you the full rundown on how to use our 3D Kitchen Planner. You can thank me when you come and pick up your new kitchen.

Lunching the planner

Our 3D Kitchen Planner is designed to work on tablet devices and PCs. So the first step is to jump on either and then lunch the planner.

Create your room

3D kitchen design Step 1

The first step is to re-create your kitchen space in the 3D Kitchen Planner. To do this, look at your plan or take measurements of your space and transfer this to the planner.

Click on the “Room” heading in the left-hand side menu bar to get started. Here you can configure your room, set its size (enter the width height and depth) and shape, add in architectural features (add walls and columns), decorate the walls and floor (add doors, windows and utilities).

With your space set up, you can start adding products.

Select products from our Catalogue

3D kitchen design Step 2

When the room set up to mimic your space, you can now have some fun playing around with all the possible layout options that you can create with our modular kitchen cabinets and associated products.

All products are the exact width and height, so there is no need for you to do any further measuring once you have set your room. The 3D Kitchen Planner takes care of this for you!

Click on the “Catalogue” heading in the left-hand side menu bar to get started. Here you add base cabinets, wall cabinets, pantry cabinets, panels and fillers, kitchenware, appliances, even furnishings and plants.

The layout is the most important part of designing your kitchen. You want to get it perfect. For inspiration, have a look at my earlier articles, titled ‘What Is Your Kitchen Layout Preference?‘ and ‘How To Choose The Right Kitchen Layout Shape’.

Choose materials and colours to complete your design

3D kitchen design Step 3

With your layout complete and all products added, you can now get creative and add the finishing touches to your kitchen design.

Click on the “Materials” heading in the left-hand side menu bar to get started. Here you can select your kitchen cabinet doors and handles, cabinet base option, benchtop material and design, and choose other design elements such as your wall colour and flooring option to complete your kitchen design.

Save your project and process your order

With your kitchen design now complete, you can save your design to come back and make edits in the future and email a copy to yourself. Best of all, it saves all the products in your design so you can process an order directly from your design.


Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s new 3D Kitchen Planner makes designing your new kitchen effortless and enjoyable! Take measurements of your space, enter them into the planner and design away! Everything you need to create your dream kitchen is just a click of a mouse away. Now, you can see exactly how your kitchen will look with Ross’s range of kitchen cabinets and benchtops before having to spend a cent.

Start designing your dream kitchen today with our 3D Kitchen Planner. It’s free and easy!

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