What Is Your Kitchen Layout Preference?

Kitchen layout

The look and functionality of a kitchen completely depend on the layout of the kitchen. Not only does a kitchen layout determine how the space will be used, but it also determines whether the space looks visually appealing or not.

If you’re planning an upcoming kitchen renovation and you’re thinking of updating your kitchen layout, you’re certainly not alone. According to Houzz’s 2018 Kitchen Trends Study, a large number of Australian homeowners updated their kitchen layouts last year. The report states that 60% of homeowners who renovate their kitchens change the layouts of their kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Houzz also reveals that the preferences for kitchen layouts and built-in features differ from one generation to another. The study reports that U-Shaped Layouts, L-Shaped Layouts, and Galley Layouts are the most popular with Australian homeowners. Interestingly, younger generations prefer L-Shaped Layouts as compared to older generations. Older generations usually prefer U-Shaped or Galley Layouts. Also, the study notes that built-in features such as kitchen islands and pantry cabinets are the most popular with renovators.

So, which of these layouts should you go with? Well, this depends on the space available in your kitchen, as also your personal preferences. Continue reading this post as I offer you some more information about these layouts to help you decide which to choose. Make sure to purchase your kitchen cabinets in Perth according to the layout you’ve chosen.

U-Shaped Layouts

U-Shaped kitchen

U-Shaped kitchen layouts are extremely efficient, and they are suitable for larger spaces. Such a layout includes three walls of kitchen cabinets with a U-shaped benchtop along the walls. This layout can include cabinets both above  (wall cabinets) and below (base cabinets) the benchtop, depending on your preferences. However, U-shaped layouts usually don’t offer enough space to include an island bench or table and chairs.

If you have a good amount of space in your kitchen, go with a U-shaped layout. It is a highly functional layout that will make cooking an absolute pleasure. And U-shaped kitchens look immensely pleasing to the eye as well.

L-Shaped Layouts

L-Shapes Kitchen

L-Shaped layouts are an excellent choice for kitchens of all sizes. Such a layout includes kitchen cabinets on two walls and an L-shaped benchtop along the walls. Again, cabinets can be used both above (wall cabinets) and below (base cabinets) the benchtop. L-shaped layouts are excellent at maximising space, and they usually allow two people to work in the kitchen without any problems.

If your kitchen lacks large amounts of space, an L-shaped layout is the only practical choice. Not only will it allow you to maximise your space, but it also looks quite attractive.

Galley Layouts

Galley Layouts

Galley or Island Layouts are ideal for kitchens where space is not a constraint at all. Such a layout makes the best use of space by providing easy access to the most used areas of a kitchen. Typically, the layout includes cabinetry and benchtops on opposite walls. A galley layout offers access to the kitchen from both ends.

If you have sprawling amounts of space in your kitchen and you’d like to make it look as grand as possible, go with a Galley Layout. You can also consider installing an island bench in your space to give it an even more grand look.

Kitchen cabinets in Perth for all layouts

Regardless of which kitchen layout you prefer, you can find kitchen cabinets in Perth for any layout at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a huge range of preassembled kitchen cabinets which are ideal for use in U-Shaped, L-Shaped, Galley Layouts as well as Island installations.

One big advantage of our kitchen cabinets is that they come fully preassembled and are ready for installation. There is absolutely no professional installation or assembly work required. Our cabinets are the perfect choice for a DIY kitchen renovation.


Updating your kitchen layout is a great way to make your space both functional as well as attractive. The most popular kitchen layouts are U-Shaped Layouts, L-Shaped Layouts and Galley Layouts. While L-Shaped Layouts are suitable for kitchens of all sizes, U-Shaped and Galley Layouts are more suitable for larger spaces. Depending on the layout of your preference, choose your kitchen cabinets accordingly.

And, for the best quality kitchen cabinets in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. From wall cabinets to base cabinets, corner cabinets and pantry cabinets, you’ll find everything you need under one roof at our store.

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