Kara LED Mirror 600x900mm

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Heralding exclusivity, the KARA LED smart mirror collection reflects the grandeur of your loftiest aspirations. It evocatively stirs a sense of possibility.

Blending cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship with undisputable style and design, the KARA LED Mirror series redefines what a mirror can be. Its presence in your home serves as a reminder that incomparable experiences come from reimagining what’s possible.


The KARA LED Mirror collection utilises our industry-leading vanity mirror technology to stand the test of time. The copper-free mirror is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, ensuring its longevity and ability to provide an untarnished reflection.

The integrated demister also increases the durability of your installation by eliminating fog and condensation from the mirror’s surface. On a practical level, this handy feature means you have an unobstructed view of yourself, even after the steamiest shower.


Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but the KARA LED Mirror collection has universal appeal. Smooth, clear lines and an acrylic frame underscore perfect symmetry and balance.

It occupies wall space unpretentiously, yet effortlessly commands attention, whether mounted horizontally or vertically. Like the final stroke of an artist’s brush, a KARA touch sensor mirror is a crowning addition to your restroom – enriching it with polished finesse and refined glamour. It has a remarkable ability to extend and elongate the angular lines of your bathroom, cultivating a feeling of spacious openness.


A KARA smart mirror fits seamlessly into contemporary homes and modern lifestyles. Its upscale appearance is an elevation of a timeless rectangular silhouette transformed by an LED border to provide mesmerising back lighting. This ethereal glow bounces against the wall to add depth to your installation and provides a radiant illumination.

Easily switch between cooler and warmer colour temperatures with a tap of your fingers. Whether you desire a soothing, cosy resplendence or cool, refreshing brightness, the touch sensors allow you to customise your ambience to match your requirements and mood.

For a multi-sensory experience, engage the in-built Bluetooth speakers*. Enjoy your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks as you groom and pamper yourself, without sacrificing precious counter space for an external audio device. Creating a relaxing, retreat for self-care has never been easier.
*available on select models, only

To make your bathroom an exquisite destination for self-care, or your living spaces an enthralling haven, visit or contact our selection centres. Our team will help you reinvent your space into a luxurious sanctuary.


Transforming your space with awe-inspiring technological innovation that leaves a lasting impression.


Modern, contemporary, minimalist, high-end


  • Copper-free mirror
  • LED lighting with adjustable colour temperature (2700K – 6500K)
  • Demister with 1-hour auto cut-off
  • Touch sensor
  • Acrylic frame

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