Miro LED Mirror 1500x700mm With Magnifier

$1,269.00 inc.GST


Amongst Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range of LED mirrors in Perth, the Miro LED Mirror 1500x700mm stands as a beacon of innovation and elegance.

This rectangular mirror, also available in a 1200x700mm variant, harmonizes functionality with splendour, introducing a new era of bathroom luxury. Equipped with a 3x magnifier, it promises unmatched clarity, bringing the minutest details into focus, making it an essential vanity mirror with lights for those who appreciate the confluence of precision and style.

Crafted with a frameless design and frosted glass edges, the Miro LED Mirror transcends mere reflection, becoming an immersive experience. Its LED lighting, adjustable from a warm 2700K to a brilliant 6500K, alongside a sophisticated demister function, ensures your mirror remains clear and your environment perfectly lit, regardless of the steam and humidity that come with shower indulgences.

But it’s not just about seeing clearly—it’s about seeing beautifully. The touch sensor activates an aura of light that illuminates your reflection and the room, creating a serene ambience. The built-in magnifier accentuates every aspect of your grooming ritual, ensuring nothing is missed in your pursuit of perfection.

This isn’t just an LED mirror; it’s a transformative piece that elevates your daily routine into a ritual of beauty and self-care. With Ross’s Discount Home Centre offering shipping across Perth and a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee, now is the time to redefine your space with a blend of traditional luxury and bold minimalism, making every moment in front of your Miro LED Mirror an occasion in itself.


  • Copper-free mirror
  • LED lighting with adjustable colour temperature (2700K – 6500K)
  • Demister with 1-hour auto cut-off
  • Touch sensor
  • Frameless mirror with frosted glass edges (top & bottom)
  • 3x Magnifier

Spec Sheet

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