Romani Serenity Bianca Matte White Wall Tile 200x400mm

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200 x 400mm Wall Tile
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Step into timeless elegance with the Romani Serenity Bianca Matte White Wall Tile 200x400mm, a gem in Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range of porcelain tiles in Perth.

This tile is not just an addition to your space; it’s a declaration of sophisticated simplicity. Its pure matte white finish embodies the essence of sleek, modern design, offering a versatile, clean look that becomes a perfect canvas for accentuating the unique features of any bathroom.

Imagine a tile that elevates every design aesthetic it touches. In a minimalist or modern bathroom, it highlights clean lines and uncluttered spaces, while in Scandinavian-inspired interiors, it enhances the bright, airy feel characteristic of the style. For those who favour an industrial vibe, it smoothly contrasts rough textures, and in contemporary settings, it provides a crisp backdrop for bold accents or monochromatic elegance. The Romani Serenity Bianca Matte White Wall Tile also crafts a spa-like atmosphere, focusing on relaxation and creating a personal retreat. It’s a tile that adapts, supporting an array of bathroom aesthetics from starkly modern to warmly traditional.

Crafted from durable porcelain, this tile stands as a beacon of quality in tiles in Perth, offering superior durability, stain resistance, and water resistance. Equipped with cushioned edges for a seamless installation process, it looks sublime and is practical and easy to install.

With a 10-year warranty, choosing this tile means investing in peace of mind and assuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. Any tile from the Romani range will transform environments, making it more than just a product—it’s an experience, turning your space into a haven of understated sophistication.

10 Year Quality Assurance

We take pride in the quality standard of our products. We guarantee for 10 Years that all first quality tiles we supply will be repaired or replaced when the product is proven and acknowledged to be faulty. This assurance begins from the date of purchase and does not cover chips or defects that are the result of misuse or abuse and excessive wear and tear. Tiles must be installed in accordance with AS3958.1. Tiles will not be considered defective if they meet the accepted Australian standards or industry standards. Click here to download our 10 Year Quality Assurance certificate.

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