Ross’s Home Discount Centre offers a range of high-quality tapware for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Should you have a question in relation to our tapware, please look for the answer below before getting in touch with us.

  • What is the best brand of Tapware?

    It’s less about brand and more about quality. Attributes that make for good tapware include a 5-Star WELS rating, Watermark approval, and a 5yr + warranty. Many items in our tapware range comprise such quality attributed.

  • What does Wels mean?

    WELS stands for ‘Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards’. It is an Australian government initiative which enforces mandatory labelling for all tapware and shower products sold in Australia, to indicate their water efficiency. The higher the WELS star rating on a product, the more water efficient the product is. Please refer to http://www.waterrating.gov.au or phone 1800 803 772.

  • Does all our tapware comply with Wels?

    Yes, all our tapware and shower products meet stringent Australian Standards and comply with the Australian Government’s mandatory WELS testing so you can be confident about the quality of our products.

  • What is the difference between mixer taps and taps with washers?

    Mixer taps have become much more popular in recent years due to both their design and function. Mixer taps use a ceramic disc cartridge technology to mix and control the flow of water, as opposed to conventional tapware which uses a rubber valve system. Whether you choose mixers or taps, it all comes down to your preference.

  • Do I need a registered plumber to install my tapware?

    Yes. It is highly recommended that the plumber follows the installation instructions enclosed with the product, this sheet details essential information about your product.

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