10 Christmas gifts for the home under $200

Christmas gifts for the home

Christmas is the season of giving. If you haven’t yet thought of purchasing Christmas gifts for your loved ones, it’s high time that you do so. With several people taking to Christmas shopping, you’ll be in for a stressful time the more you put things off. What’s worse is that you may not have enough time to put a little thought into your gift.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution- you can start planning your shopping right now! Whether you’re looking for gifts for a family member or a friend, home improvement products are the perfect gift. That’s because home improvement products will always find good use in any home. Just make sure that you’re buying gifts for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry – the three most used rooms in a home.

So, here are 10 amazing home improvement Christmas gifts for you to consider. These gifts all cost less than $200 and you can buy them all at our store here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre!

  1. Our Charli Shaving Cabinet makes for a wonderful gift for anybody’s bathroom. This minimalist shaving cabinet includes mirrored glass doors and adjustable shelves, making it both practical and stylish. And, this mirrored shaving cabinet also provides ample storage space, making it perfect for every bathroom.
  2. Another bathroom product that makes for a great Christmas gift is our Cube Basin Mixer. This basin mixer tap boasts of superior quality at an incredibly affordable size. It comes in a practical and elegant design and is perfect for any modern bathroom. This mixer tap is also incredibly water efficient and it is sure to be loved by anyone!
  3. To really surprise a loved one this Christmas, get them the gorgeous Waterford Swing Bath Screen. This sleek and simplistic bath screen is very practical and functional and it will give a facelift to any bathroom. Despite being a large sized quality product, this bath screen is very affordable.
  4. Bathroom accessories also make for great Christmas gifts for home improvement enthusiasts. Our Square 900mm Double Towel Rail is one such bathroom accessory that you can consider gifting this Christmas. It is a very handy accessory that offers a lot of practical value, making it perfect for a Christmas gift.
  5. If you know of someone looking for a bathroom basin, go ahead and gift them the gorgeous Jordan Vessel. This elegant bathroom basin presents the perfect mix of style and practicality and it will suit both small and large spaces.
  6. Another great bathroom product you can consider gifting a loved one this Christmas is the Oasis Link Toilet Suite. Despite being a highly functional and well-designed toilet suite, it is surprisingly affordable. And, this toilet suite boasts of an excellent water efficiency rating, meaning that anyone will love you for this gift!
  7. When it comes to Christmas gifts for the kitchen, the Round Kitchen / Vegie Mixer makes for a fantastic choice. This mixer tap comes in a stylish curved design and it will give a facelift to any kitchen. And, despite exhibiting superior grade characteristics, this mixer tap will not be heavy on your wallet.
  8. And, if you’re really considering a very useful and practical kitchen product, go with the Circo 9L Multi-Purpose Sink. For a heavy-duty kitchen sink, it is very well designed and is highly functional. This sink will perfectly complement any space.
  9. Another wonderful kitchen product you can gift a loved one this Christmas is the 60cm Fixed Rangehood Stainless Steel. This is a multifunction rangehood which boasts of a plethora of features. Regardless of whom you gift this wonderful rangehood to, you will certainly be appreciated.
  10. Finally, our Benchline 45L Laundry Sink is the ideal gift if you’re looking for something in the laundry department. This heavy-duty sink features a simple, but practical design that makes it perfect for laundry spaces.


Home improvement products make for the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones. That’s because home improvement products are very useful and they come in handy for anyone and everyone.

If you’re looking for home improvement Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a huge selection of kitchen, bathroom and laundry products that are perfect for gifting this Christmas. In particular, you can consider our Charli Shaving Cabinets, Square Basin Set, Waterford Swing Bath Screen, Square 900mm Double Towel Rail, Jordan Vessel, Oasis Link Toilet Suite, Loui Sink Mixer, Circo 9L Multi-Purpose Sink, 60cm Fixed Rangehood Stainless Steel and Benchline 45L Laundry Sink. These products are all incredibly practical and they cost less than $200 each.

So, go ahead and buy these fantastic Christmas gifts from our online store today!

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