How to Remove a Kitchen, the DIY Way


Are you planning a kitchen renovation over the Christmas holidays? If you are, you’ll need to remove your existing kitchen first. Now, you have two options for this. You can either seek professional help or do it the DIY way.

It seems that more and more customers are opting to take on DIY kitchen renovations in Perth. In fact, of all the top hired professionals, kitchen designers/renovators came in third-last in the latest Houzz survey, with just 12% of homeowners investing in their services.

By opting for a DIY kitchen renovation in Perth, you can save thousands on renovation costs. But how exactly do you remove your kitchen to start your new kitchen renovation? Today, we’ll look at just this.

Continue reading this post as I explain how to remove a kitchen – DIY style. This guide will enable you to remove your existing kitchen quickly and efficiently, so read through right to the end.

1. Preparing your space

The first step to removing your existing kitchen is preparing your space. To prepare your space, turn off the water, the electricity at the breaker box, and the gas, if applicable. This will make your space safe to work in.

You’ll also need to declutter and move heavy appliances out of your kitchen to prepare your space. Rent a skip bin and a dolly to help you with this. Also, remove all fixtures and fittings and put them elsewhere. This includes disconnecting all tapware, knobs, lighting fixtures and other fittings in your space.

I’ll also advise you to throw a drop cloth over your floor to avoid scratching and damaging it. However, if you plan on updating your flooring, you don’t need to worry about this.

2. Removing dishwashers and garbage disposal units

Removing dishwashers and garbage disposers is easy. Simply unplug the power lead from the dishwasher and move it out of its place For the garbage disposer, unplug the power lead, carefully disconnect all fittings and remove all screws and nuts. Next, slowly pull your garbage disposer unit downwards to disconnect it from the plumbing. You can also use the pry bar gently to remove these items from their spot.

3. Removing sinks and benchtop


Removing the old kitchen sink and benchtop is a very straightforward DIY task that is within the abilities of any homeowner. All you need are a few tools and materials, which include a screwdriver, adjustable spanner, reciprocating saw and crowbar.

To start with the process, disconnect your plumbing and use a towel to prevent water from dripping. You can do this with the spanner. In case your pipes are corroded, you’ll need to cut them with a reciprocating saw.

To remove your sink, cut out the edges of the sink with a Stanley knife and unscrew it. Once your sink is unscrewed, carefully remove it.

For your benchtop, check to see if it is fixed to your benchtop with screws and if it is, carefully unscrew it. Once unscrewed, you can simply lift your benchtop from the middle using the pry bar and discard it.

4. Removing cabinets and splashbacks

removing tiles

Removing splashbacks and cabinets is also fairly straightforward. Use the pry bar to remove tiles from your splashback. And, for your cabinets, start by removing the drawers and doors. You’ll only need to unscrew a few hinges to do this. Use your pry bar once again to remove the cabinets from the walls.


That’s it – follow these easy steps, and you’ll have removed your kitchen easily – DIY style! And when you’re done with your DIY kitchen renovation in Perth, you’ll need new kitchen products. For this, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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DIY kitchen removals are incredibly easy and anyone can do it. To remove your kitchen DIY style, prepare your space to make it safe to work in. Next, gather your tools and remove your countertop, sink, cabinets, splashbacks, dishwashers and garbage disposers. You can do all this using only a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a reciprocating saw and a pry bar.

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