Expect To See These Bathroom Tile Trends In 2020

Expect To See These Bathroom Tile Trends In 2020

Fresh into another year and another swagger of bathroom tile trends! I love this time of year; I get to look into what’s trending around the world to ensure we have the hottest products available for Ross’s Discount Home Centre customers.

It’s no surprise that tiles are our favourite building material. As one of the largest tile suppliers in Perth, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has an extensive range of tiles which covers feature tiles, wall tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, and mosaic tiles, amongst others.

Tiles are versatile, affordable, and always changing. They are a necessity for any bathroom and can be the difference between a mundane bathroom and a magnificent bathroom. If you’re aiming more for the latter, then you will need to be on-point with this year’s bathroom tile trends.


Finger Mosaic Speckle Beige

Finger Mosaic Range

You can expect to see bathroom tiles in an array of shapes in the coming year. Tile manufacturers are getting more creative than ever, and there is no end to the shapes available.  Trending big time in 2020 will be linear tiles – think very narrow subway tiles (finger or Kit Kat mosaics as pictured above) – laid vertically. Vertical installation of such tiles creates a sense of height and space and leads the eyes up.

To follow this trend for your bathroom design, consider the following three choice tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Center:


Moon (Blanco) - Bathroom

Moon (Blanco)

In addition to shapes, we will see a lot of textured tiles being used in bathrooms this year. Embossed, 3D and sculptural tiles will be a significant feature. Any tile with a profile will add an extra dimension and sophistication to a bathroom. They are sure to make a dramatic statement and add a layer of interest to a bathroom design.

If this sounds like a trend that you want to jump on board, then consider one of the following three textured bathroom tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Center’s tile range.


Isla Navy Ceramic Tile

Isla Navy

I love patterned tiles and am stoked to see that the patterned tile trend will continue in 2020. Bohemian-inspired Moroccan designs are in strong demand, while graphic and geometric patterns are also popular choices. The great thing about patterned tiles is their colour range – you will have no trouble finding a patterned tile to match your colour palette.

Want to include patterned tiles in your bathroom design? Then start by looking at the following patterned tiles from our bathroom tile range.


Mirror (Graphite) - Bathroom

Mirror (Graphite)

Tiles that offer visual effects are also set to be a popular bathroom tile choice this year. Expect to see more bathrooms featuring geometric tiles that create a three-dimensional effect and faux-timber tiles that create a natural timber look.

Creating a visual effect is easy when you have the right bathroom tiles. Thankfully, Ross’s Discount Home Center has an extensive collection of tiles that fit this trend. You can get started by checkout out the following tiles from our collection.

Effect tiles:

Timber-look tiles:


Designing a bathroom cannot be done without bathroom tiles. Tiles are an integral part of any bathroom, and careful thought is needed in the selection process. For a modern design, consider basing your decision on one or more of this year’s bathroom tile trends.

Expected bathroom tile trends in 2020 are; shaped tiles, textured tiles, patterned tiles, and tiles that give off a visual effect.

If you’re ready to purchase bathroom tiles in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. As Perth’s leading tile supplier, we have tiles to suit every trend, and they’re all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.