6 Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

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So you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new home! How exciting! As someone who has recently completed an entire home renovation, I know how excited you must be to finally create the bathroom of your dreams!

It took me 15-years to re-renovate my bathroom, which is about the standard time between makeovers, and knowing it will likely be another 15-years before I think about doing it again, I know how important my tile selection was. After all, tiles are the most important aspect of a bathroom design.

Your bathroom tile choice will determine the style, feel, and colour pallet of your bathroom, so there is no pressure, right? It’s a daunting task, but you shouldn’t let it stress you out. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands for an interior designer to help you select your tiles; you just need to know what look you like and then know where to find tiles to match that look.

The good news is, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has the largest range of bathroom tiles in Perth. So, if there is a style you like, you’re sure to find bathroom tiles to match that style either in our online store or our Guildford showroom.

To help you find the perfect bathroom tiles for your upcoming renovation or bathroom build, I thought it would be handy to showcase some of our most popular bathroom tiles, and outline the design styles each suits best. Hopefully, the list below will help narrow down your options.

White Tiles

white bathroom

Without a doubt, white tiles are the most popular choice for a bathroom due to their availability, affordability, and sheer range of tiles shapes and sizes. You can literally get white tiles in any size or shape.

White tiles are always a good bathroom tile choice because they are light and bright, making a bathroom too light and bright. White tiles are especially well-suited to small bathrooms as they tend to make small spaces appear much larger than they actually are.

We stock a vast collection of white tiles at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, including an entire collection of White Wall Tiles. We also have a great range of white floor tiles and white tiles in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Whether you’re after square, rectangle, or round white tiles, gloss, matt, or textured white tiles, or even patterned white wall tiles, you’ll find it in our Tile collection.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

In terms of bathroom design style, you simply can’t go wrong with choosing Contemporary All-White as your bathroom style. If you have no idea about bathroom design or what style is on-trend or out-of-trend, white tiles are certainly for you. Aside from never dating, which in itself is reason enough to opt for an all-white design style, you really can’t stuff things up. So long as you stick to all-white everything, the end result will look like a million bucks!

Of course, white tiles complement just about any design style. So, if you are a little design-savvy, you can use white tiles in a Hamptons, Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Coastal, Industrial, or even Farmhouse style bathroom design.

Some of our most popular white bathroom tiles include Pianura White ($60/m2), Matt White Wall Tile (Rectified) 30x60cm ($20/m2), and Gloss White Wall Tile 10x20cm ($30/m2).

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‘Look’ Porcelain Tiles

Paradigm Graphite
Paradigm Graphite

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms. Porcelain is more durable, harder, more water-resistant and less porous than ceramic, making it ideal for wet areas. Moreover, nothing looks quite as luxurious as porcelain, especially polished porcelain tiles. The other beauty of porcelain tiles is their ability to mimic natural stones, concrete, and even timber, making them a hot commodity for bathrooms.

While porcelain tiles come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs, they are more commonly larger than ceramic tiles; they are more suited to covering floors and walls than being used on a single wall as a feature tile. Hence, most porcelain tiles are either 30cm x 60cm or 60xm x 60cm in size.

Stone and concrete look porcelain tiles are very much in trend right now and are definitely better suited to some design styles than others. Common materials mimicked in porcelain include marble, Calcutta, terrazzo, concrete, and even wood, all of which you will find right here in our Porcelain tile range.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

If your ideal bathroom design style is Traditional, Luxury Hotel, Industrial, Contemporary, or Modern, choosing marble-look, Calcutta-look, terrazzo-look, or concrete-look porcelain bathroom tiles will put you in good stead.

To create a Traditional or Luxury Hotel style bathroom, stick to the stone-look porcelain tiles in shades of white, cream, browns, and reds. To create a bathroom with an Industrial, Contemporary, or Modern design style, choose terrazzo-look or concrete-look porcelain tiles to help you accomplish the look.

There are so many great porcelain tiles to choose from, but the hottest ‘look’ porcelain tiles for bathrooms right now include Paradigm Paradigm Graphite ($45/m2), KMG Dark Grey ($45/m2), and Terrazzo Grey ($60/m2).

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Luxe Wall Tiles

Luxe Blush Pink
Luxe Blush Pink

Moving away from types of tiles, we now focus on specific ranges of tiles to use in a bathroom design, and for these, there’s none more modern, more flexible than the stunning Luxe Wall Tile range, which is brand new here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Luxe Wall Tiles are the perfect bathroom tile for feature walls! Feature a rectangular or square design in either a gloss or matt finish and available in a range of trending colours; you can create any look you desire with this well-priced bathroom wall tile. Moreover, they feature cushioned edges, making them easy to lay, and they are handmade made, so you know the result will be unique.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

Luxe Wall Tiles complement various bathroom design styles, including Hamptons, Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Traditional, Transitional, Coastal, Industrial, Farmhouse, Monochromatic, and even the trending Black bathroom design style. They offer the perfect blank canvas to build any design style around, from any era, bringing the design styles of yesteryear right in line with today’s modern design styles. Paired with plain tiles, patterned tiles, or encaustic tiles, you can create a stunning bathroom, on-trend with the latest style trends, reminiscent of the Victorian era or any era in between.

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Fade Wall Tiles

Fade Spray
Fade Spray

Another tile range to consider for your bathroom is the Fade Wall Tile range. These tiles are statement tiles – they’re unique, attractive, versatile, and available in a range of trending tile colours! As such, they are ideal for bathroom feature walls.

With a graduated fade from light in the middle to dark around the edges, the Fade Wall Tile range is stylish without being overbearing. Therefore, it can be paired with plain or patterned bathroom floor tiles, opening it up to various design styles.

The versatility of the Fade Wall Tile range means they can be installed vertically stacked, horizontally stacked, or in a brick pattern.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

If you’re looking to create a Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Traditional, Transitional, Retro, Art Deco, or Farmhouse style bathroom, a tile in the Fade Wall Tile range will help you achieve this look.  For Industrial and Farmhouse, stick with Fade White; for other design styles, go at it with any of the fashionable colours in the range.

This tile can be dressed up or down depending on the floor tile choice and looks great with terrazzo-look tiles, patterned tiles or encaustic tiles.

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Finger Mosaic Tiles

Finger Mosaic Black
Finger Mosaic Black

If you’re looking to create a bathroom that oozes designer style – that’s on-trend with the hottest bathroom design styles of 2021, then finger mosaics are the tile to help you achieve this. New to Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our Finger Mosaic range is running out the door.

While they may not look as impressive as a single sheet covering a bathroom wall, they are game changes! Available in a flat or trendy speckle design, in matt and gloss finishes, and measuring  2×14.5cm, these finger mosaics are bold and won’t go unnoticed. They can be installed vertically or horizontally to suit your personal preference, and as porcelain tiles, they’re well suited to high moisture areas, including the shower.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

The warm colour options of our Finger Mosaic range mean they are well-suited to a wide range of colour palettes and bathroom styles. They will work well with Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Coastal, Monochromatic, All-Black, Zen, and Natural bathroom design styles. They also pair well with either plain or patterned bathroom floor tiles, allowing you to be more creative in your bathroom design.

For Modern, Contemporary, and Transitional bathrooms, you can take your pick from the colour options; however, the more bold colours, such as Finger Mosaic Speckle Light Blue and Finger Mosaic Speckle Dark Blue will have a bigger impact. If you’re creating a Monochromatic bathroom, choose the colour that matches your overall colour palette, and if you’re getting on board the All-Black bathroom style, then you’ll obviously want to choose either Finger Mosaic Black Gloss or Finger Mosaic Black Matt. For Zen and Natural bathroom design styles, opt for tiles in the shades of green and brown, such as Finger Mosaic Speckle Green or Finger Mosaic Coffee – Gloss.

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Tuscany Mosaic Tiles

Tuscany Athens
Tuscany Athens

I’d be remiss not to include the always-trendy Tuscany Mosaic range in this bathroom tile list. The Tuscany Mosaic range comprises only the hottest feature tiles of all; marble mosaics! In the Tuscany mosaic tile range are Hexagone, herringbone, fish scale and penny mosaics, which have been in high demand for several years now.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find bathroom tiles as lavish or contemporary as those in the Tuscany Mosaic range. Available in three colours; Cararra (grey/white marble), Iran Grey, Athens (Grey/Brown) and Nero (Black); these tiles lend well to various colour palettes and bathroom design styles.

Suitable Bathroom Design Styles

Consider the Tuscany Mosaic tile range as the Roles Royce of bathroom tiles; they’re the most luxurious, most opulent of all. As such, they best suit Modern and Contemporary bathroom styles. However, they lend well to any style, from Transitional to Coastal, Monochromatic to All-Black, and Zen to Natural – they will look great in any space and complement any style.

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Creating your dream bathroom is a fun and exciting time, but it takes a lot of planning and decision-making. One of the most important decisions of all is your bathroom tile choice. The tiles you choose for your bathroom will have the most significant impact on your finished design; therefore, it’s essential to take the time to get it right.

You can narrow down the choices by choosing bathroom tiles that are on-trend right now. For this, consider white tiles, ‘look’ porcelain tiles, such as marble-look, stone-look, terrazzo-look etc., or new tile ranges. Some of the hottest tile ranges to consider for feature bathroom walls include the Luxe range, the Fade range, the Finger mosaic range, and the Tuscany mosaic tile range. However, if you want the very latest bathroom trends, you can also take inspiration from our bathroom design trends, bathroom tile trends and tile trends articles.

Additionally, if you have plans for a kitchen renovation this year, read our blog post, ‘The Hottest Kitchen Splashback Trends,’ so your kitchen can be as fashionable as your bathroom.

By selecting bathroom tiles from this list, you’ll take away the guesswork and have the essential tools needed to start basing your bathroom design around.

If you’d like to purchase any of the tiles mentioned in this article, you can do so right here at our online store, where we offer shipping across Perth Metro. Alternatively, you can visit our huge showroom at 57 James St, Guildford, to see our entire range in person.

We look forward to serving you!

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