5 kitchen accessories you need to have

kitchen accessories

Are you tired of having a disorganised kitchen where you have to spend minutes looking for items that you need? Well, perhaps it’s time for you to consider purchasing kitchen accessories that can help organise your kitchen better. Not only do these accessories save your time and effort, but they also make your kitchen more efficient. Let me tell you more about why you should consider accessories for your kitchen.

According to a 2009 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, males and females spend a combined 11hrs and 26 minutes each week in the kitchen preparing food and clearing up, this is more time than any other domestic activities including laundry, housework and home maintenance. Given we’re spending so much of our valuable time in the kitchen, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to ensure your time spent preparing food and clearing is as efficient as possible?

That is where kitchen accessories can help!

As the purchasing head at Ross’s, I’ve spent a number of years selling products that help make kitchens a more functional and efficient space. So, it’s only fair to say that I know a thing or two about kitchen accessories. As such, in this article I will list out 5 kitchen accessories that you simply must have.

1. Draw Dividers / Organisers

Amongst the most frequently purchased kitchen accessories by our customers at Ross’s are organisers or draw dividers. Draw dividers are a handy storage solution and are designed to transform any kitchen into a more functional space. Organisers are available in various form factors for you to choose from. Buy draw dividers to store away your kitchenware when not in use.

2. Pull-Out Kitchen Bins

I’ve found that waste disposal is a problem with many of our customers and as such, they look for pull-out kitchen bins when they visit our store. These waste/recycling bins offer great convenience, as they can conveniently be attached to any cabinet and can easily slide in and out. With pull-out bins, such as our 35L waste/recycling bin in your kitchen, waste disposal will be a breeze and you will always manage to keep your kitchen space spic and span.

Pull-Out Kitchen Bins
35L Combination Waste/Recycling Bin

3. Drainers & Dish Racks

Some of our customers complain that wet dishes often make their kitchens sloppy and unmanageable and that they would love a handy kitchen accessory to take care of this problem. Fortunately, we have just the solution for this – drainers and dish racks. After you do the dishes, stack them away in dish racks or drainers and let the water seep away into the sink efficiently. I would recommend this product to all people who have a problem with sloppy kitchens.

4. Storage Solutions

No matter how large a kitchen is; customers seem to always need more storage space. If you fall into this category, then consider our cabinet shelving solutions and pantries. These handy storage solutions not just add extra storage to your kitchen, but they also add functionality and efficiency to your space. Take a look at our 45cm pantry/cupboard if you’re in need of a little extra space. For larger needs, I recommend you choose our 80cm pantry topper unit.

Storage Solutions
Pantry Topper 80cm

5. Pantry Organisers

Is your pantry disorganised? Then you need an efficient pantry organiser. True, pantry organisers allow visibility of items which makes them easily accessible. Pantry organisers are available in different shapes and sizes, but in my book, the most convenient are the slide in type. These organisers allow items to be neatly packed away when not in use, while also offering ease of accessibility. If you’ve ever faced a hard time locating an item in your pantry, you should definitely consider purchasing a pantry organiser.


If you have a disorganised kitchen then you should consider purchasing kitchen accessories to make your space more efficient and functional. For this purpose, 5 of the top kitchen accessories that I recommend you purchase are draw dividers and organisers, pull-out kitchen bins, drainers and dish racks, storage solutions (cabinets and pantry cupboards) and pantry organisers. You can find these items, at affordable prices, right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Ross’s has been in the business of offering home improvement products to customers in Perth for almost 4 decades now. Since our inception, we have built up a reputation of offering quality products at competitive prices. Our products definitely make every part of a home, including kitchens a much more efficient space.

We have a warehouse stocked with goods worth well over $1 million. If you’re in need of any kitchen accessory or home improvement product, visit our showroom in Guildford or shop online from our store. We ensure availability of stock, so when you choose to buy from us, there is no waiting time involved. You can also take advantage of our free delivery in the Perth metro area.

To find out more about how kitchen appliances can help ease your life, give us a call. Our knowledgeable salesmen will offer you all the information you need.

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