How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

small bathroom

Not everyone is fortunate enough to own a large house with a spacious bathroom. In Perth, a significant number of people live in apartments or flats and have to deal with small-sized bathrooms. When space is at a premium, it often becomes very difficult to make the bathroom a functional space. However, you will be glad to know that despite these challenges, there are a few simple things you can do that will make a big impact on a small bathroom.

According to a 2012 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 84% of dwellings in Perth are homes, leaving 16% to flats, apartments or units.  If you’re one of these 16% and have a small bathroom, no doubt you’ll be facing difficulties trying to fit everything you want in the limited space you have.

Thankfully, through my years of experience at Ross’s, I’ve also met many customers who convert tiny bathrooms into functional spaces. Over this time, I’ve also picked up more than a couple of space-saving tips of my own. If you’re looking to maximise the space of your small bathroom in Perth, then continue reading as I share some of the tips that you can use to do just that.

1. Invest in a bath shower screen

The number one technique used by many of our customers with small bathrooms is to invest in shower screens, such as the bath screens we feature here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Guilford, Perth. Transparent shower screens allow the eye to travel farther and make a small bathroom look more elegant. Even small shower areas and straight baths can benefit from a shower screen. Shower screens also help keep water out from other areas of the bathroom and will free up valuable elbow space.

2. Choose large tiles to create a sense of space

Our smarter customers choose larger tiles from our collection of bathroom tiles to create a better sense of space. Larger tiles mean fewer lines and grouting, which dramatically increases the visual appeal of smaller spaces.  By showing off more floor space, even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to appear larger. This technique of using larger tiles is best complemented with wall-hung sinks and taps, which maximises the floor’s visible area.

3. Add depth with a decent mirror

Even when they’re on a tight budget, I’ve found customers tend to splurge on mirrors at Ross’s. While mirrors and mirror cabinets are an essential part of any bathroom, they can be all the more useful in tight-spaced bathrooms. This is because mirrors reflect light and make small bathrooms appear brighter, while also offering an illusion of more space. Large mirrors also allow more than one person to use it at one time. For small bathrooms with limited space, this is certainly a very helpful benefit.

Mirrored Cabinets
Charli Shaving Cabinets

4. Install a wall hung vanity

Mounting vanities above the floor is another great space saving technique and it is certainly no wonder that many of our customers often choose wall hung vanities over floor standing vanities. Not only does installing a wall hung vanity make a bathroom appear larger, but it also frees up a handy amount of space underneath, which can be used for storing small items.

Black Wall Hung Vanity
90cm Black Wall Hung with Black Stone Top

5. Consider other space saving solutions

It comes as no surprise that customers try many different space saving solutions to make the most out of a small bathroom in Perth. Customers often opt for corner sinks away from toilets, which saves much more space compared to traditional pedestal sinks. I’ve also noticed that customers purchase round vanities to remove the danger of bruising their hips on sharp corners, while others mount towel rails on doors, which not only helps save space, but also keeps towels close within reach for drying off. However, the most common space saving solution I can pass on is to install wall mounted taps in your bathroom. Wall mounted taps allow for narrower vanities and sinks and saves up good amounts of floor space.


If you are one of the 16% that living in an apartment in Perth, then no doubt you have a small bathroom to contend with. Thankfully, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can apply to maximise your space. Make sure that you invest in bath shower screens, choose larger tiles and add large mirrors to your bathroom. These will help make your small bathroom appear much larger. You can also opt for wall hung vanities, use wall mounted taps, mount towel rails on doors and use corner sinks and rounded vanities. These techniques will not only save up space but will also enable your small bathroom to become much more functional.

Here, at Ross’s, we feature an extensive collection of quality home improvement products, including a range of bathroom products. We have in stock elegant bath shower screens, large bathroom tiles, mirrors and mirror cabinets and wall mounted bathroom vanities and tapware. By purchasing these products of ours, you will certainly make the most of even the smallest bathroom in Perth.

Buy our products from our showroom in Guildford, or through our online store. We offer delivery in the Perth metropolitan area, so you can have bathroom products delivered right to your doorstep. If you want to know more about how our products can help in case of a small bathroom, give us a call. Our expert salesmen will be glad to answer every query that you have.

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