Why sliding wardrobe doors are a must for your new bedroom


If you’re planning a bedroom renovation, then you’re not alone. The latest Bedroom Survey from Houzz stated that among homeowners renovating bedrooms, increasing the size of their wardrobe was more important than increasing the size of the bedroom itself. For master bedrooms, 69% of homeowners increased the size of their wardrobes over their bedrooms. Likewise, for other rooms of the house, 70% increased their wardrobe over their bedroom.

Chances are you’ll be doing the same in your bedroom renovation. If so, then I highly recommend you consider installing sliding wardrobe doors.

As Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s head of purchasing, I know a fair deal about sliding wardrobe doors and why they are sought after by our customers. Today, I’ll list out some of the benefits that sliding wardrobe doors have to offer.

After reading this article, you’ll hopefully agree that sliding wardrobe doors are necessary for your new bedroom.

1. They help you save on space

Most customers looking for sliding wardrobe doors in Perth want to save space in their bedrooms. Indeed, sliding wardrobe doors are an easy and efficient way to save space in your bedroom.

While traditional hinged doors open outwards, sliding doors simply slide laterally. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of floor space. Moreover, the sliding doors also increase your wardrobe storage space as you can easily add shelves and compartments to your wardrobe.

Extra space in the bedroom can be a huge benefit – especially if you share your bedroom with your partner. Furthermore, you have many more options for furniture when you don’t have swinging wardrobe doors to contend with.

2. They come in a range of design options

Another reason why customers choose sliding wardrobe doors is because they look incredibly sleek and stylish. Sliding wardrobe doors in Perth are available in various styles, material choices and colours.

Of many different styles for sliding wardrobe doors, aluminium framed and timber doors are the most popular choices. While timber sliding doors offer a traditional feel, aluminium frame sliding doors offer a contemporary feel. Whether you want a traditional or modern look in your bedroom, sliding wardrobe doors can help you out.

Hinged doors need to be fixed to certain size limitations. However, no such limitations exist with our range of sliding wardrobe doors in Perth. You can even have floor-to-ceiling-sized sliding doors. Our aluminium framed doors are available in various panel options, including timber veneers, coloured glass, vinyl-covered gyprock, safety mirror, MDF, or custom-designed to your requirements.

3. You can get mirrored panels

As mentioned, a great benefit of aluminium framed wardrobe doors is that you can add panels to them. One of the most popular choices with our customers is a safety mirror.

Mirrored sliding doors can make your bedroom appear much more spacious. Moreover, as light is reflected off mirrored panels, your bedroom’s aesthetics will be greatly enhanced.

While mirrors add extra weight to sliding doors, they certainly look very luxurious. Moreover, since the weight of sliding doors is evenly distributed across the frame, you’ll have no trouble using heavier doors.

No wonder many of our customers look to add half and full-length mirrors to their sliding wardrobe doors.

4. They add value to your home

Finally, and most importantly, installing sliding wardrobe doors to your bedroom renovation can dramatically increase your home’s value. High-quality sliding wardrobe doors, such as those we offer here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, look great and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

Similar to luxury furniture, sliding wardrobe doors will add glamour to your space – something that won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers when it comes time to sell up.


Sliding wardrobe doors will make an excellent addition to your new bedroom. Sliding doors help you save on space; they are sleek and stylish to look at, they are available with mirrors and add value to your home.

With all these benefits, you’ll want to install sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom.

Head to Ross’s Discount Home Centre for the best quality sliding wardrobe doors in Perth. We are a reputed dealer of high-quality products and have been in business for over 40 years. We’re trustworthy and reputed; you can count on finding the best products at our store.

Do note that you won’t find sliding wardrobe doors listed on our online store because they are generally made to order. To place an order or to know more about our sliding wardrobe doors, simply give us a call or visit our showroom in Guildford, Perth.

So, what are you waiting for? Call or visit us today!

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