Calling It – Ross’s 2020 Bathroom Design Trend Predictions

Calling It – Ross’s 2020 Bathroom Design Trend Predictions

In my last post, I went out on a limb to predict this year’s hottest kitchen design trends, and now, its time for me to do the same for the bathroom. While not renovated as often as a kitchen, the bathroom, or bathrooms of a home are still the second most renovated and the most used rooms of a home.

Therefore, should you be looking to renovate or even build a new home in 2020, you’ll want to make sure that your bathroom design is on-point. You can do so by following the bathroom design trends of 2020 closely, starting with my predictions below.

Emphasis on tapware

I’m putting my money on tapware in 2020. I predict bathroom tapware to take centre stage and become an integral design element of a bathroom. And, once you see the remarkable designs in our tapware range, you’ll understand why this trend is going to take off in 2020.

Bathroom tapware is no longer designed only to serve a function; today, the design is just as important as the function, and the fancier, the better!

For the best results, choose tapware that is part of an entire range, that way your basin, shower and bath tapware will all match. Another tip, choose matt black tapware over chrome.

Subtle colour

pink bathroom

The last few years of bathroom design moved towards white and grey palettes, but in 2020, I suspect this will change in favour of a little more colour. Expect to see subtle pastels such as mushrooms, pinks, blues and greens thrown in with whites and greys to lift the design and add a little more interest.

The easiest way to add colour in a bathroom’s design is through tiles, and if you’re shopping for bathroom tiles in Perth, then look no further. Our tile range features tiles in these trending colours, so you will have no trouble adding colour to your design.

Unique tiles

Deco Calzada Ardesia

Deco Calzada Ardesia – $45 per piece

We’re big on tiles here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, so one trend that I’m pushing to go far in 2020 is this tile trend – and not just any tiles, because all bathrooms have tiles. Unique tiles. By this, I mean patterned tiles, unusual tiles, perhaps even something a little unexpected.

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, they and can be plain, patterned and even made to look like a natural material. And, you don’t have to stick to one throughout a bathroom. Be bold, mix and match to achieve something unique and interesting.

For unique tiles that will put you on track with this trend, you don’t have to look far. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have hundreds of high-quality tiles in our collection that are full of character and charm. We have feature tiles, wall tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and much more.

Less is more

Galaxy Black Oval Freestanding Bath

Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath

In 2020, I predict bathroom design to become more minimalistic in design, but not in luxury. Design will be stripped back to the bare minimum, but what is there will offer top-end luxury. Vanities, fittings and fixtures will be void of embellishments and focus on quality and comfort.

To follow this trend, consider including a freestanding bath and freestanding both spout such as our Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath and the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer in Matt Black.


If you’re looking to design a bathroom this year, then looking at the current and predicted trends is a great place to get started. In 2020, I predict we will see an emphasis on tapware come through in bathroom designs, along with some subtle colour. Tiles will never go out of fashion, but this year, expect to see more patterns and unique shaped tiles, and more minimalistic bathrooms that focus on quality over quality.

For anything and everything to help you design and create your dream bathroom, count on Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have everything you need in stock and all under the one roof. Visit our online shop for design inspiration or come and see us in person by visiting our showroom.